Retro Star Wars Propaganda Posters Urge You To Pitch In

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

When you think of the intergalactic civil war in Star Wars one thing that most people rarely stop to consider is the recruiting aspect of the conflict. This is lengthy, protracted war, we’re taking about, one with multiple active battlefronts at any given time, and a number of theaters of combat. A variety of tactical elements need to be taken into consideration. You have to be prepared for a ground assault, as well as airborne combat. There are the thick forests of Endor, the frozen wastes of Hoth, the scorched deserts of Tatooine, and many, many more environments.

Taken together this means that you need people, lots of them, on both sides. It stands to reason that in the Star Wars universe there is a constant recruiting battle going on behind-the-scenes. Artist Cat Staggs has created a series of retro propaganda posters designed to lure potential soldiers into service.

There is a lot of great fan art out there, more and more each day. These fun little throwbacks make use of classic World War II tropes and slogans, urging folks to get involved, not matter how minor a contribution they can make. They also appeal to a young person’s sense of adventure and their desire to do something great and epic. Hey, that’s the hook that worked for Luke Skywalker, right? He wanted to get out and see the galaxy, have exciting exploits, and perform heroic deeds.

These posters, and the work of many more artists, will be on display and available at Star Wars Celebration VI which runs from August 23-26 in Orlando, Florida.

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