Gravity IMAX Featurette Reveals The Film’s Visual Inspirations (Plus A New TV Spot)

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

I don’t know if you guys have heard about this movie called Gravity or not, but it seems like it’s trying to set a record for the largest variety of film trailers for a movie that isn’t being released with summer superhero movies. Warner Bros. U.K. just released a featurette focusing on the IMAX release, though not as one might think.

For a movie like The Dark Knight Rises, we got to see a director using an IMAX camera to film a scene while talking about the scope of what’s being seen. Here, there’s some talk of scope, but since we’re in outer space, everyone already knows that this is the biggest stage a story can take place on. But here, director Alfonso Cuaron talks about how one of the biggest visual references in the film was the magnificent presentation IMAX Hubble 3D. NASA astronaut Dr. Mike Massimino, who was involved with Hubble 3D, said a few words about how good and accurate the film looks, and admits with a smile that he and his crew had an easier day when filming their movie.

NASA astronaut Dr. Cady Coleman, who consulted on the film, tells her story about being contacted by Sandra Bullock while still up in the ISS, but this is mostly Cuaron talking about trying to make everything look as detailed as possible, allowing for his personal story to be told in the most amazing and breathtaking environment, all while viewers are sitting in the middle of a vast orchestral soundscape. It almost seems like a sin to release this in any other format besides IMAX, doesn’t it?

But a mere IMAX feature isn’t good enough for potential Gravity fans. A new TV spot for the film also debuted recently, taking full advantage of the various glowing blurbs that have been hurtling gravity-free all over the Internet the past few weeks. I don’t think any new footage can be seen here, and you’ll probably be seeing this play daily for the next few weeks, so we won’t be so hard on you if you skip it. But here it is anyway.

More so than the IMAX clip, the 3D-centric promo that came out the other day really got me excited about watching this flick on a huge screen. I’m not a huge 3D proponent, but this is the epitome of why the format exists. Check that feature out below and check out Gravity when it hits all kinds of theaters on October 4th.