Elysium IMAX Poster Has Matt Damon Looking Pissed

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Elysium IMAX PosterIf you didn’t already list Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Elysium among your most anticipated movies of the year, that probably changed after the extended trailer that dropped yesterday. Holy crap I’m excited for the August 9 release date. Not only does it have a ton of action, but it shows an interesting world and aims to make you think. Following hot on the heels of that latest look at the film, Sony and TriStar have unveiled a new IMAX poster for Elysium.

Star Matt Damon certainly looks like a badass in this image, what with the neck tattoos and the mechanical exoskeleton that the trailer shows being screwed into his body. He also has the appearance of a man about to do some grim, violent things in pursuit of his goal.

In the year 2159, the surface of the world has been ruined to the point where the wealthy flee — kind of like white flight in the ’70s — to a luxurious orbiting space station called Elysium. Think of it as the space suburbs in my poorly thought out metaphor. In Elysium there is no crime, dirt, war, or disease. They left all that stuff back on Earth, with the poor folks. The issue is, some of those poor people — Max (Damon), for instance — could really benefit from access to that nice modern health care technology. It’s do or die time, literally, so Max gets a metal exoskeleton bolted to his bones and sets off to kick some over-privileged ass. This course of action puts him in direct conflict with the leader of Elysium (Jodie Foster), and all of the vested interests she represents. This is definitely a solid framework for Blomkamp to make his political point, which seems pretty obvious from here.

Elysium also stars William Fichtner, Michael Shanks, Diego Luna, Alice Braga, and Sharlto Copley looking like a post-apocalyptic lunatic.

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