Edge Of Tomorrow Deleted Scenes Feature Tom Cruise Adapting To His New Situation

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

With all of the amazing action and dark comedy happening in Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, you might be fooled into thinking nothing was left on the cutting room floor, but that’s certainly not the case, as seen in these newly revealed deleted scenes below. There aren’t any major spoilers here, but if you’re watching deleted scenes without watching the movie itself, you have bigger problems than that.

Here we see Tom Cruise‘s Bill Cage, who isn’t quite used to his new “relive the day” powers yet. He tries to tell his crew that there’s a Mimic alien in the ground beneath him, but he’s far too mousy and hesitant, thus leaving the entire squad to get ravaged. The end of the clip is mostly a CGI animatic, in which Cage wakes up on the battlefield to find that all of the human soldiers have been killed. Then it shows him waking up again, even though he didn’t die first.

I quite like the pacing of this next one. In it, Cage talks to Rita (Emily Blunt) in her training arena. He not-so-slyly inquires about passing his powers on to her. Not like in a blood transfusion or anything, though, but something more intimate. That question is immediately followed by him getting his ass stomped and shot. Girls are tricky.

This next one is more subdued, with Rita and Cage trying to decide what to do next. Regardless of what they decide, it’s going to be damn near impossible if their suits are dead—those things are heavy. First rule of the apocalypse, alien or nuclear: always bring more batteries.

It would have been nice to see a long animatic of the proposed alternate ending, which sounds crazy. Not that I’d want it to override the existing one. I could also go for watching Tom Cruise die a few more times, but I guess that’s what this supercut is for. As it goes, the film wouldn’t have been made any better by the inclusion of these scenes. Well done, editing team.

You can find more deleted scenes here, and you can currently find Edge of Tomorrow on Blu-ray and DVD in stores now.