Edge Of Tomorrow Pics Show Off Tom Cruise’s Exoskeleton And Emily Blunt’s Guns

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

CruiseWith Doug Liman’s future-war flick Edge of Tomorrow due to premiere its first trailer in the near future, it showed off several viral images yesterday, and now USA Today has debuted new shots of its two photogenic leads, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The former is kitted out in one of the film’s trademark exosuits, and the latter looks like she could beat me at arm wrestling even without the mechanical help. Pretty sure I could still take Cruise though, but that’s mainly because I always keep a throw-down bag of eye-sand in my back pocket, but I’m far too chivalrous to use it on Blunt.

Edge of Tomorrow plays like a gritty, sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, with Cruise playing William Cage, a soldier in a war between humanity and aliens. When he’s killed in action, his story doesn’t end — instead he finds himself reliving the same day over and over. Thankfully he carries over his memories and skills each time, so he works to figure out how to break the cycle and save his own ass, as well as presumably turn the tide of the war, save the day, and kiss the girl. So it goes.

With him for always is special forces badass Rita Vrataski (Blunt), who joked to USA Today that she’d swapped out the bonnet and corset of her past period films for “an exosuit and a huge sword,” which sounds like a trade up to us. “I was looking for something very different from anything I have done before,” continues the actress. “This was definitely that.” Would it betray my longstanding hardcore crush on Blunt to point out that she is definitely looking appropriately fit for the role? SHE WILL BREAK YOU.


Cruise is used to keeping himself in good physical shape for his movies, but it turns out the Edge of Tomorrow shoot was rough even by his standards, because those exosuits ain’t light. Cruise recalls, “One of the suits with the angel wings had a sniper rifle and missile launcher on my back and weighed about 130 pounds. I’m having to sprint in it.”

Cruise has been on a bit of a sci-fi bender of late (no, not that one). He of course starred in this year’s Oblivion for Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski — also alongside Blunt — and is also attached to a time travel flick called Our Name Is Adam. If Edge of Tomorrow riffs on Groundhog Day, Adam is reminiscent of another ‘80s classic, the Back to the Future films. In Our Name Is Adam, Cruise stars as a man who travels back in time to meet his younger self. Hopefully he’ll steer clear of his mom.

Edge of Tomorrow is scheduled to hit theaters on June 6, 2014.