Under The Dome Blu-Ray Set Sets Blu-Rays Under The Dome

By Nick Venable | Published

dome setSome TV and movie projects seem to have their promotional material built in. Like the head-filled aquarium Blu-ray set for the third season of The Walking Dead. That was a total no-brainer. Somebody give me a rim shot after that one. No, a rim shot.

The same goes for CBS’ adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. There are two ways you can market an Under the Dome Blu-ray set. You can either construct a temporary dome around every store where the set will be sold — which may offset any profits said set would offer — or you can just sell people an actual mini-dome. Hey, what do you know? They went the mini-dome route.

With all the early-bird glory they could muster, Amazon has already begun the pre-ordering process for Under the Dome‘s Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, which, as you can tell, is a representation of the trapped town of Chester’s Mill. It’s a pretty sweet-looking product, and reminds me of the dice poppers used in board games. (Do those still exist?) And while I like Barbie’s big, bloody handprint right on top, can you imagine how big that handprint would be if this were scaled out to size? That would be more frightening than a dome I think.

The set comes with three Blu-ray discs — all hidden beneath Chester’s Mill — which contain all 13 episodes of this initial summer run, 12 of which haven’t even been aired yet. Amazon says the set comes with “exclusive content,” but there’s no mention of what that content will be, nor is there a release date. It’s got a list price of $99.99, and $69.99 for Prime members. Take a look at the spread below.


Pretty cool, pretty cool. I see myself trying to rig it up to get fake snowflakes inside and destroying the entire set in the process, but maybe you guys will have better luck.

Given that Under the Dome premiered to such big ratings, one has to wonder how long the show’s popularity will keep up. If the book is anything to go by, the events in Chester’s Mill get increasingly crazy and tense, so let’s hope CBS keeps the pacing up, and maybe enough people will want to buy this set. Not that I’m looking for a free one from CBS or anything. AHEM!

Take a peek at the preview for the second episode below.