Carve A Stormtrooper Jack-O-Lantern This Halloween

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Halloween is almost here, and this, more than any other holiday, is held near and dear by many a nerd. You get to dress up in the geekiest possible costume you can think of, and for once, you won’t get a wedgie for walking around in tights, a cape, and heavy makeup in the middle of the day. What’s better than that?

Without a doubt, costumes are the main attraction, but there are also a number of different ways to adorn your house and home. For instance, why not channel your inner imperial and carve a pumpkin that looks like a Stormtrooper? Interested? Here are step-by-step instructions.

The first thing you’ll need, of course, is a white pumpkin. It doesn’t have to be white, especially once you light that sucker up at night, but it really does complete the picture.

Step one is to cut a hole in the top, as if you’re about to perform brain surgery on a close personal friend. Remember to angle the cut so the plug you pull out will sit like a lid instead of falling straight through into the body of the jack-o-lantern.

Then you gut that sumbitch.

Find a handy Stormtrooper stencil. I’m sure there is a wide variety available on ye olde internet.

Tape the stencil to the pumpkin…

…and trace around the design. The directions suggest using a tool specifically designed for carving pumpkins, but if you have a good, sharp knife, you should be fine.

Then you carve (dog optional)…

…and carve…

…until you’re finished.

Finally, you wait for it to get dark, pop a candle in that bad boy, and frighten small children who knock on your door, begging for candy like diminutive hobos.

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