6 Reasons Star Trek: Voyager Never Really Worked

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B’Elanna Torres Is Meg Griffin
When the Voyager team came up with B’Elanna Torres I imagine they expected her to be the strong, fiery, balls to the wall, take no prisoners female character Janeway should have been. The show’s written as though that’s what everyone expects from her. Characters reference her legendary Klingon temper, her unbelievable Klingon toughness, and her intimidating demeanor. But it’s all talk. None of the things Voyager seems to think Torres is actually ever turn out to be true. Instead, what they got, thanks at least in part to consistently horrible performances from Roxann Dawson, was Meg Griffin. Meg Griffin is the worst character on Family Guy. She exists primarily as a running joke, in which everyone acknowledges how awful she is. That’s B’Elanna.

Her legendary Klingon temper never really moves beyond the realm of “bitchy”. Her legendary Klingon toughness is actually just a lot of pouting. If her crewmates are intimidated by her it’s only because they’re afraid she might start whining before they can get out of the room. B’Elanna has the uncanny ability to walk into any situation and make it utterly depressing. She takes a dump on any plot she’s involved in, and turns the smiles of everyone around her into frowns. Tom Paris excited about an awesome space race? Don’t worry, B’Elanna will force her way into the episode to make sure it turns into a discussion of their relationship and none of that fun racing stuff ever happens. Everyone happy because she’s having a baby? Don’t worry, B’Elanna’s not and it’s only a matter of time before she starts bitching about how much she hates her unborn kid. Putting B’Elanna Torres in the engine room was like giving Star Trek cancer. It was only a matter of time before she killed it off.

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