Get Your Own Working Sonic Screwdriver, Spend Christmas Like The Doctor

By Steve West | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Long before the current crop of Doctor’s turned their sonic screwdrivers into magic wands, sorry but you know it’s true; Doctor Who used his most trusted tool as, well a tool. Now you can too, and get that perfect stocking stuffer for the Who fan in your life. This is not a hint to anyone I know to pick this up for me, but I am often looking for a screwdriver. I’d likely keep something like this near at hand, after all you never know when you’ll need to analyze an alien or cut a rope

From ThinkGeek, this diecast replica of the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver is a decent looking mockup of the original. I’ve held the “real” versions they use for the show, and there’s nothing too special about them. They look and feel like fancy Swiss Army pens. Rather than just having a Doctor Who screwdriver that lights up, makes noise, but is otherwise useless this thing will help you to mount the signed photo of Amy Pond you’re so enamored with.

And just think how your lady friend will respect your manly abilities to tighten wayward screws throughout the house with your handy new sonic screwdriver. No more rummaging through the Craftsman toolbox buried in the basement or garage. You’ll always have your tool proudly displayed and ready for action. Come Christmas the Doctor won’t be the only one wielding a sonic screwdriver.

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