Watch William Shatner Read Where The Wild Things Are To Children

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

William Shatner is not only Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek, he also has one of the best speaking voices in Hollywood. His robust vocal tones are distinct, soothing, and memorable. So when he read the classic storybook Where the Wild Things Are for a large group of children, it was sure to be a memorable experience, even if the children didn’t know exactly who this old guy was.

The above video was captured at this year’s Denver Comic Con in Colorado (skip ahead to 3:36 to hear Shatner’s reading of the children’s classic by Maurice Sendak). Shatner was attending an event for the Comic Book Classroom Corral, a non-profit organization that provides free comic books to help improve children’s literacy and art skills. The organization’s goal is to increase student achievement and to develop their personal awareness.

The Man Who Was Kirk spends a few minutes warming up the crowd of kids with facts about how sound travels from the microphone to the audience, and then dives into the storybook. Shatner does a pretty good job engaging the kids as he slowly reads and explains the story to them. Of course, Where the Wild Things Are isn’t very long at all, but it provides a vast array of imagination and goodness. The kids seem to enjoy it.

Shatner’s reading was so impressive that it seems fitting that he could host his own Mister Roger’s Neighborhood or Reading Rainbow-style kids’ show. He could introduce a whole new generation of children to both Star Trek and the joys of reading.

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