Ghostbusters And Doctor Who Themes Played On Floppy Disk Drives

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

While I’m not a YouTube fan, at least in comparison to the rabid way some people have thrived on it, I enjoy hitting it every now and again, if for nothing else than to look for updates to pages I hadn’t looked at in ages. And boy was it a great day to find this guy again.

MrSolidSnake745 has been covering theme songs of films, TV, and video games for over a year now, using only the stepper motors in computer floppy drives. It’s all vibrations set for different speeds to achieve a ranged pitch, and while I will usually call out pop artists for not making their own music, I wholeheartedly consider these songs to be music performed by a musician, regardless of those little details. I hadn’t been to the site in many months, and I was astounded by his brisk and constant output.

As far as I’m concerned, not a single thing about that lacked awesomeness. The video descriptions include an FAQ where the process is described in more detail. And after that curiosity gets quenched, feast on the rest of his creative arsenal. This is another instant ringtone.

And for fans of the Doctor.

I’m so tempted to put the Beverly Hills Cop theme on here as well, but that would break the GFR Code, and I might end up — terrible pun alert — having to pay a sci-fine.

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