The Historical Thriller Series On Streaming Better Than Peaky Blinders, Binge This Secret Gem

By Nikola Pajtic | Published

Set against the political turmoil of late 1920s Europe, the Serbian thriller TV series Black Sun from 2017 will quickly draw you into its thriller and horror mix. This critically acclaimed series is available on Amazon Prime and will keep you on the edge of your seat as you give it a binge-watching treatment. 

The 1920s Weren’t Roaring In Europe

The year is 1928 in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Belgrade and the entire region are on the precipice of politically inspired assassination that will change the course of history in the Balkans. However, Black Sun isn’t your typical historical drama. Although it is set against the changes in political and social climate, the series takes a dark turn with a series of brutal, ritualistic murders that throw the Belgrade elite into a state of fear. 

This is when the main protagonists enter the stage. Inspector Andra Tanasijević, a veteran with a long and successful career behind him, portrayed by Dragan Bejlogirlić, and his young partner, forensic expert Stanko Pletikosić, portrayed by Andriya Kuzmanović.

As we dive deeper into the mystery, the macabre crimes investigation leads to an ancient relic. Our two heroes end down a dark path, uncovering the web of conspiracies involving criminal organizations, Soviet spies, and the secret Thule society. 

Mysterious Killings

Black Sun also features an important historical figure, Dr. Archibald Reiss, played by Nikola Ristanovski. A renowned Swiss forensic scientist, Reiss became a close friend of Serbia following his efforts to uncover war crimes committed by Austria-Hungary during World War 1. In this historical thriller, he mentors Stanko Pletikosić, offering his expertise and knowledge of the mysterious killings. 

An Accomplished Cast

Moreover, Black Sun is full of stars of the region, including Marija Bergam, Gordan Kičić, and Nebojša Dugalić, which only makes the series better. 

Kuzmanović is exceptional as the tech-savvy Pletikosić, adding a touch of modernity to post-war Europe. Throughout the series, we witness Kuzmanovi’s character transform from an eager newcomer to a detective who has seen unimaginable horrors, and Andrija does this perfectly.

Set In The Shadow Of World War 1

On the other hand, Dragan Bjelogrlić completely blew me away as Inspector Tanasijević. You can tell he is a veteran actor through many subtle hints. As a man ravaged by the Great War, Andra Tanasijević is a man of few words, and Bjelogrlić shows Andra’s rage, determination, and other emotions through such movements as a clenched fist or a tightened jaw. It just proves that we don’t need melodrama moments and monologues in a series full of mystery and suspense. This makes Tanasijević a much more believable character. 

Inspector Tanasijević is merely a tool Black Sun uses to tell a deeper story than a detective thriller. It explores the impact of World War I, and through him, we witness the scars of the war that continue to fuel political corruption and the pursuit of power through nationalism. 

Creative Reimagining Of History

I didn’t expect a historical documentary from Black Sun, and neither should you. It is a creative reimagining of history that spices up the already tumultuous period. It cleverly mixes real-life events and mysteries of the era with the introduction of the mystical relic. You need to understand that religion, superstition, and faith reigned supreme, and the series perfectly shows how these factors affected human behavior during the era. 

This cliche shouldn’t repel you from the story but make you want to piece together the mysteries that Black Sun presents; at least, it did for me.

Inspired By Peaky Blinders

The series’ filming took place across Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia, with several sets built from scratch. The entire production shunned Serbian cinema’s previous efforts, achieving an international look.

Dragan Bejlogrilić was the central figure behind the series’ creation, thanks to his interest in a little-known period of Serbian history between two wars. He has cited Boardwalk Empire as his main inspiration, but the series has since been compared to successful productions such as Babylon Berlin and Peaky Blinders

Available On Streaming


Black Sun premiered in Serbia in October 2017 to positive critiques, with the first episode drawing over two million viewers. Black Sun received a nomination for Best Series Creator at the Sarajevo Film Festival and continued with success, winning awards for Best Series, Best Music Score, and Best Supporting Actress at the FEDIS Golden Antenna awards. 

When you brilliantly mix historical intrigue, detective stories, and horror, you get a show unlike any other. Black Sun is a binge-worthy experience, so I suggest you don’t miss this hidden gem on Amazon Prime and Fubo. It offers something for fans of historical dramas, suspenseful mysteries, and even a touch of the supernatural.