Alien World Detected Underneath Earth

By TeeJay Small | Published

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According to a write-up in ScienceAlert, scientists have located what some believe to be traces of an ancient alien world, hidden just beneath the Earth’s mantle. The evidence comes from a number of soil samples that seem to contain traces of Theia. The Mars-sized celestial object was hurled into the Earth’s surface over 4.5 billion years ago, launching a host of debris into space, including our very own moon.

Researchers from a multinational effort operating out of the United States, the UK, and China have uncovered evidence that suggests bits of Theia have burrowed deep within the Earth, resulting in a previously unknown alien being within the planet’s internal organs.

The Remnants Of A Planet That Collided With Earth Long Ago Is Thought To Be Hidden Within Earth’s Mantle

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Scientists previously believed nothing remained from Theia, but the small hunks of space rock found floating in the orbit of Earth. However, there have been reports over the years of dense signatures of continent-sized bodies flowing within the Earth’s mantle, over 1,800 miles deep, curving around the external vestiges of the core.

If this is indeed a result of the planet-sized impact of Theia, this would mean that the alien world is largely responsible for the heterogeneity of modern life, as Earth’s geological evolution over the past 4.5 billion years has been deeply impacted by its presence.

Did Theia Create Life On Earth?


All this is to say, if the alien world theory proves to be true, human beings are likely born and evolved from a species of alien present, at one time, in the distant reaches of outer space. This could explain why there are no exoplanets in the entire Milky Way galaxy that closely resemble Earth, a finding which has baffled scientists for centuries.

If scientists can learn more about the supposed hunks of alien planet buried in the annals of our mantle, this could help to unlock secrets of the known universe heretofore untold.

The Alien World May Be Responsible For Earthquakes

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The continent-sized material in the mantle is known as large low-shear-velocity provinces, often detected by seismic waves brought on by earthquakes and other tremor-causing events. Through these quakes, scientists have been able to construct detailed maps of the LLVPs, which seem to be present under modern-day Africa and regions of the Pacific Ocean, respectively. These remnants of alien worlds may even be responsible for tremors of their own, as they traverse the molten magma oceans which rest at the base of the Earth’s mantle.

The Alien Planet Might Make Up At Least 3 Percent Of Earth’s Mass

Computer simulations of the Theia impact show notable signs that an object of such massive scale will inevitably leave traces behind, though none seem to confirm that slabs of this size are possible. Theoretically, the impact could have buried a number of separate and smaller traces of the alien world’s constitution beneath the crust, with them settling and forming into giant constructions due to the heat and flowing magma of the mantle.

These LLVPs are so massive in scale that they could theoretically account for up to 3 percent of the Earth’s mass, with a richer density of iron present in the Earth’s organs than previously believed.

We Continue To Explore The Galaxy, But Much Of Earth Remains A Mystery

As scientists continue making discoveries of alien worlds in the distant reaches of space, geologists have been hard at work uncovering evidence of our own alien world right here on Earth. With new information pouring through each day, there’s no telling what amazing scientific discoveries lie on the horizon.