New Star Wars Game Details Leaked And We Know When It Takes Place

A new Star Wars game is on the horizon, and it just so happens that some crucial information - including the name - has managed to leak out onto the internet.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

star wars: knights of the old republic

It would seem that Quantic Dream, a prominent game development studio, is really moving from androids and drones to developing Star Wars games, as we already speculated in our previous report. Of course, this wasn’t officially corroborated by the company. Still, given EA’s loss of license, and Lucasfilm Games’ push to get as many Star Wars gaming titles launched, it only makes sense that the developer is working on the franchise. However, a new detail about the upcoming game sheds more light on its setting and narrative and reinforces the previously mentioned speculations.

According to Game Rant, the details about the new Star Wars game have potentially come to light thanks to the industry insider Jeff Grubb, who previously leaked information about the development of the now-released Guardians of the Galaxy video game. As per Grubb’s report, the new game is titled Star Wars Eclipse and is nearing an official announcement towards year’s end, considering the upcoming Game Awards 2021 event, which showcases 40-50 video games – many of which count as new releases.  

The leaker isn’t certain about all the details regarding the game, but he believes that the purported game places its narrative during the High Republic era – a time of peace set approximately 200 years prior to the event depicted in the original trilogy. Of course, fans of the franchise are familiar with the High Republic era, which was introduced earlier this year with new comic books, novels, and characters. Other details about the game are scarce, but there’s mention of the action-adventure genre, an open-world setting, and even a multiplayer mode, which theoretically fits Quantic Dream’s mold or suggests that the developer is branching out with the alleged game.

star wars: the high republic feature

The fans have been worried about the influx of recently announced Star Wars gaming titles, fearing that their number might impact the gaming franchise’s overall quality and the overall treatment of the IP. TT Games’ highly anticipated Lego Star Wars game already took a hit and got delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The iconic Star Wars game, Knights of the Old Republic, is finally getting a big-budget remake, but apart from its announcement, no significant development made the news. Nevertheless, the past few years have been incredibly slow for the Star Wars gaming series compared to the late 2000 and early 2010s, so more Star Wars games are a good thing.

It’s worth noting that neither Disney, its game-handling subsidiary Lucasfilm Games nor Quantic Dream have commented on the circulating rumors and recently leaked information about the game and its development. Ultimately, it’s not unusual for gaming companies to keep their projects under wraps, announcing them only once they hit the post-production phase. Rockstar Games, the company behind the fan-favorite Grand Theft Auto franchise, is notoriously known for such practices, opting to surprise its fandom with new projects (except GTA 6). So, it’s entirely possible that Quantic Dream is running a tight ship, opting to announce their Star Wars game at the upcoming Game Award 2021.