Guardians Of The Galaxy Game In Development

A Guardians of the Galaxy game is in the works.

By Jason Collins | Published

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guardians of the galaxy

With the Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise receiving its third installment, which is currently in pre-production, recent leaks suggest that the franchise might also receive its first AAA video game adaptation in the not-too-distant future.

Though the news was first covered by We Got This Covered, the information about Square Enix reportedly making a Guardians of the Galaxy game actually originates from a journalist Jeff Grubb of The Game Mess Show podcast. At approximately 09:25 into the podcast, Grubb admits to having previous knowledge of the company working on the title and that he’s now ready to confirm that Square Enix is actually making the game. However, he’s unsure whether Square Enix will present the game on the upcoming E3, along with its other titles.

Unfortunately, Jeff wasn’t able to share any other, more concrete information regarding the upcoming game, like what form it will take (single player, live service, etc.), leaving everything open to speculations. Presumably, the reported Guardians of the Galaxy game will feature Star-Lord as a central playable character. However, it’s still unclear whether we’ll see the rest of the team as playable characters too, or just in-game AI corroborators that offer assistance through the narrative.

guardians of the galaxy game

The unofficially announced Guardians of the Galaxy game is under development by Crystal Dynamics, a subsidiary developer from Square Enix, which already had experience with Marvel properties, though maybe not the most pleasant ones. The company developed Marvel’s Avengers video game, which received average and mixed reviews among the audience, and turned out as a huge financial flop. It managed to earn only 60% of its production cost, losing Square Enix over $36 million, a financial hit the company is yet to recover from.

Though it might not seem like a good recipe, mixing Marvel’s IP and Crystal Dynamics, we have to point out that the company developed some of the best AAA gaming titles during the last three decades, like the recent Tomb Raider franchise or the cult-classic Legacy of Kain series. However, given the failure of their most recent title, Square Enix might decide to pass the reins to Eidos Montreal – the company responsible for the critically-acclaimed Deus-Ex gaming universe, which also happens to be one of Square Enix’s subsidiaries, and the previous owner of Crystal Dynamics. So, Guardian of the Galaxy might actually turn a profit unless it gets canceled last-minute like their latest Legacy of Kain installment.

Things seem pretty black and white at Square Enix – they either make a massively successful gaming title, like the recent Tomb Raider franchise, or a complete flop, like Marvel’s Avengers. Apparently, there are no endless shades of gray or in-betweens, which could prompt the company, and its developers to better set the stage and tone for the leaked Guardians of the Galaxy game. Marvel’s Avengers already featured a ton of lore material to make a successful, long-lasting gaming franchise, and look what happened. We surely hope Guardians of the Galaxy don’t meet the same fate – with the movie franchise’s massive success, having a bad Guardians of the Galaxy game will surely leave a bitter aftertaste.

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