Skyrim TikTok Star Charged With Murdering His Wife And Friend

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

skyrim tiktok

Ali Nassar Abulaban, also known as JinnKid on social media, is the actor behind Skyrim In Real Life, an entertaining series of increasingly popular TikTok videos. He was arrested by police last week and charged with the murder of two people, including his wife and her friend.

According to Kotaku, the police received a report of a murder that took place at an apartment in San Diego’s East Village, where they discovered the bodies of two people, Abulaban’s wife, Ana, and her friend Rayburn Barron. Video footage from the neighboring apartment reportedly shows Abulaban leaving the building directly afterward, and the police believe that he called 911 and reported the murders. Prosecutors say that this isn’t the only case of violence committed by Ali against his wife; there was a report of alleged domestic violence in September, during which the Skyrim TikTok personality allegedly pushed his wife. The couple’s daughter was reportedly a witness in the alleged incident.

The Skyrim TikTok influencer and his wife were reportedly in the process ending their marriage and believed his wife and her friend were having an affair. It would seem that the couple has been separated; according to District Attorney Taran Brast, Ali had been stalking Ana. Not just that, but late last week, he allegedly vandalized her apartment in a luxury complex and installed a surveillance app on his daughter’s iPad, which allowed him to monitor activity in the apartment. Allegedly, after hearing his wife with another man, Ali went to the apartment, found Barron there, and shot him three times in the head and neck before firing a bullet into his wife’s forehead. However, DA Burst stated that the victims were just friends.

The footage retrieved from the neighboring apartment shows Abulaban leaving the apartment immediately after the crime. Afterward, he picked up his five-year-old daughter from school, who was with him in the car when he was arrested and taken into custody shortly after the incident. The Skyrim TikTok personality is currently held without bail, pending a preliminary hearing on January 5 next year. Despite allegedly confessing to the crimes to both his mother and daughter, supposedly telling the latter that he “hurt mommy,”Abulaban pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder at San Diego Superior Court on October 25. However, being charged with multiple murders also means that he could face the death penalty if convicted, and prosecutors decide to push for capital punishment, which is still legal but withheld, in California, exempting certain cases.

Ali Nassar Abulaban, better known as JinnKid on TikTok, had amassed an online following, including 950,000 followers on TikTok, and 170,000 followers on YouTube, over the last few years. His last posted video, and impersonation of Tony Montana from Scarface, was uploaded only six days ago. Unfortunately, the gaming industry is filled with scandalous and sometimes violent events, and those close to the industry aren’t exempt from being the perpetrators or the victims. Just look at wrong things happening at Activision Blizzard and Vertagear. And let’s not forget the gaming community lost one of its most beautiful voices when Christiane Loise was killed.