Marvel Iron Man Game Officially In The Works From EA

Electronic Arts is finally developing a new game featuring Iron Man himself with unique stories in the Marvel universe.

By Jason Collins | Published

It’s finally confirmed that the previously rumored Iron Man game is actually in development at EA. This means that one of the favorite Marvel characters is finally getting his own game, considering that he was always the bridesmaid but never the bride when it comes to gaming. As reported by Forbes, EA and Marvel announced a long-term deal to develop at least three new action-adventure gaming titles featuring Marvel superhero titles, with Iron Man being the first one to release — similarly how Tony Stark actually introduced us to the MCU and the Avengers.

We previously saw Iron Man appear in titles like Marvel’s Avengers and a series of games accompanying the films, released by Sega, which were so poorly received that they fell into oblivion. Oh, and we forgot to mention Fortnite; he also appeared there. The games are scheduled to release on consoles and PC, featuring unique stories set in the Marvel Universe.

iron man

As for the upcoming game, those involved stated that it would give the players a glimpse into what it really means to be Iron Man. Nothing much is known about the reported Iron Man game currently in development at EA. However, there are things we can speculate on.

We already know that the publisher tried developing an open-world Iron Man game with Avalanche Studio, which was supposed to be an amalgamation of action, explosions, chaos, and shooting people through walls with repulsor gloves. Unfortunately, the project was eventually cut. This was due to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, staff cuts, and impossible deadlines set by the new owner of the franchise.

So, we ended up with the aforementioned flops previously developed by Sega. Regardless of previous releases, it’s entirely possible that the upcoming Iron Man game builds upon the remains of the previously canceled title. Of course, this would imply improved graphics and physics engines that would make the game more appealing to modern gamers.

This wouldn’t be surprising, considering that developers and publishers repurpose canceled content regularly. Assassin’s Creed, one of the biggest modern gaming franchises, was actually built using repurposed Prince of Persia elements. The supported platforms are another matter altogether.

The announced Iron Man game still doesn’t have a release date, so we’ll assume that it’s in the early stages of its development. That means we probably won’t get to see it by the end of 2023 or early 2024, which implies current-gen releases only, and perhaps a Switch release. More and more games, such as Gotham Knights, are distancing themselves away from last-gen consoles, considering that they’re becoming obsolete as Microsoft has already pulled the plug on the production of the Xbox One console.

PlayStation 4 isn’t far away, either. Sony recently announced its plans to pull the plug on the PS4’s games production by 2025, suggesting that the console is entering the ending period of its lifespan. So, we can expect the upcoming game to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and perhaps Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

However, other options aren’t excluded. It’s still simply too early to tell where the development of Iron Man will head in the future. But we can promise to keep the readership updated as the situation unfolds.