Is EA Remastering Another Classic Franchise?

Dragon Age writer David Gaider is calling for a remaster of the classic series.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Dragon Age

As we previously stated on numerous occasions, we’re living in an age of remasters and remakes, with various game-developing studios and publishers remastering or remaking some of their biggest classics from the late 90s and 2000s. The recently-released highly-anticipated remake of 2008’s Dead Space, and the upcoming remake of the Resident Evil game that revolutionized third-person shooters, only attest to that fact. Ex-BioWare developer, David Gaider, is now calling for a remaster of another hit from the late 2000’sā€”the universally acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins from 2009.

Despite a troubled development, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf finally received a release window, and the fandom is excited over the chance to finally play the continuation of the franchise. However, according to IGN, there are those who would like to see the original Dragon Age game remastered. Namely, the original game’s writer, David Gaider, dared to voice a question all of us have been asking ourselves: How Dragon Age: Origins would look as a proper current-gen game remaster running on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series hardware?  

Gaider called for a remaster of Dragon Age: Origins over social media platforms. The game is graphically outdated compared to its sequels, and its status as a universally acclaimed title that won several Game of the Year award categories warrants a remaster. Whether or not it receives one is up to Electronic Arts, which canceled a slew of its titles in the past year. But it’s really interesting to think about how the game would look and feel with all the modern hardware driving the gameā€”imagine all that graphical fidelity.

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David Gaider, a lead writer and the creator of the original game’s setting and narrative, credited with Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, isn’t the only one calling for a remake. Another former BioWare developer, Mark Darrah, also voiced the same questions as Gaider in his YouTube discussion on the differences between remasters and remakes. Of course, neither developer is currently working at BioWare; Gaider left the company in 2016, and Darrah left the company in 2021, prompting many to believe that the franchise is done for.

Unfortunately, neither BioWare nor EA is currently working on any remaster/remake of the franchise. In truth, EA apparently doesn’t give Dragon Age much thought, despite the fact that the franchise financially outperformed the entire Mass Effect gaming series. But that doesn’t mean that a remaster won’t happen. Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released in 2021, and Dead Space remaster/remake was released just now after a great deal of fan feedback. So, it’s entirely possible for EA to remaster Dragon Age: Origins if the fandom manages to generate enough noise.

Dragon Age: Origins was released in 2009, and it’s widely considered one of the best video games ever made, having sold over 3.2 million copies of the game and 1 million pieces of DLCs. It spawned an entire franchise, with the latest game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, released in 2014. The fourth installment in the series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, is currently scheduled to release this year, though no precise release date has been mentioned.