Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Is On Sale At A Must-Have Price

By Jason Collins | 2 days ago

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

PlayStation Store is full of wonders, or so it would seem since several gaming titles for Sony’s consoles are currently on sale or distributed for free. In the latest news, the fans of the Mass Effect video game series can now obtain the gaming franchise’s most recent release, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, at a discount price on the PlayStation Store. In addition, those who haven’t played the original games can now purchase them for a more accessible price and enjoy them on their PlayStation 4 consoles for years to come.

The vast majority of the gaming community considers the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition worth the total asking price of almost $60 since the title contains all three previously released Mass Effect games, which have been remastered and compiled into a single game. However, the PlayStation Store currently offers Mass Effect Legendary Edition at a 34% discount, making the game more accessible than ever to younger generations of gamers who haven’t previously experienced the heart-pounding cinematic action combined with gripping interactive storytelling that the Mass Effect franchise is known for.

The game, which currently sells for less than $40, also includes nearly all single-player downloadable content released for the original games, including promotional weapons, armors, and packs. It’s worth noting that PlayStation Store’s 34%-off offer ends on September 30, 2021, so those interested in obtaining the title should visit the store promptly.

mass effect

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released in May of this year on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, receiving very positive reviews from various gaming publications, many of whom praised the enhanced gaming experience of an otherwise already excellent gaming title. Naturally, the first game of the trilogy received more extensive upgrades in terms of graphics, which significantly improved the overall feel of the Legendary Edition. In contrast, subsequent original games received minor upgrades in terms of graphics, but some in-game systems were additionally tweaked or entirely overhauled.

Despite receiving universal acclaim on Xbox One upon its release, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was among the best-selling games during its week of release, with 59,000 concurrent players on Steam and ranking the third-highest selling game on the PlayStation Store, which is now offering the title at a discounted price. According to Electronic Arts, the remastered game performed well above expectations, though the company hasn’t disclosed exact sales figures for the game.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Still, despite Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s popularity, high sales figures, and universal acclaim, some parts of the gaming community argue that the asking price for a remastered version of a decade-old gaming series is a bit too steep. However, the same people defending that argument also recommend Mass Effect’s Legendary Edition to those interested in the gaming series, acknowledging BioWare’s effort to keep the legendary gaming series alive.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is playable on PlayStation 5 systems, though the game requires the latest system software to run. Additionally, as disclosed on the PS Store page, some features available on PlayStation 4 may be absent on PS5 systems.