Young Sheldon Canceled, Season 7 Announced As Ending

By Robert Scucci | Published

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Variety reports that the long-running Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon, will not be renewed after its seventh season. The big-brained, coming-of-age sitcom will kick off its final season on February 15, 2024, and will conclude with a one-hour series finale on May 16, 2024, marking the end of an era for Chuck Lorre productions.

Young Sheldon Wrapping Up

Though we’re disappointed that we’ll have to find another sitcom to satiate our scientific curiosities, it’s safe to say that the series had an epic run and will go out with a big bang.

Young Sheldon’s seventh and final season will have a shorter run than those that have preceded it, however.

What Will Happen In Final Season?

Though we’ll be presented with a 15-episode run instead of the usual 22 due to the writer and actors’ strikes, we’re holding out high hopes that the writing staff will give Sheldon Cooper the proper sendoff he deserves.

But since we’re talking about a prequel series, we know all too well that the brilliant and eccentric adolescent will eventually find love, win a Nobel Prize, and annoy the hell out of his roommates and Caltech colleagues in The Big Bang Theory.

Family Will Be At Heart Of Young Sheldon

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When considering the canon, we can reasonably expect that Young Sheldon will possibly expand into dramatic territory during its season 7 run.

If you’re up on your lore, it’s been mentioned throughout the run of The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon Cooper’s father, George (Lance Barber), passed away when Sheldon was 14 years old, which is how old the boy genius will be in the final season.

If this is the route that the Chuck Lorre series will take, then it’s safe to assume that despite the show’s lightheartedness, there may very well be some emotional episodes as the Cooper family navigates through their life after the passing of the family patriarch.

Resonating With Audiences

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Young Sheldon proved to audiences that behind even the most cynical of geniuses, there is a worthwhile origin story to be told.

Through Iain Armitage’s portrayal of a young Sheldon Cooper (narrated by Jim Parsons), we’re drawn into the dysfunctional, yet heartwarming family dynamic that demonstrates how intellectual barriers are no match for the unbreakable familial bond that the Cooper family embodies.

And when you consider the 7.7 million views per episode that season 6 brought in, it’s clear that Sheldon’s story will continue to resonate with audiences as Young Sheldon embarks on its final season.

Another Big Bang Theory Spinoff?

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If you’re like many Young Sheldon fans who may end up feeling lost without Cooper’s nerdy narrations, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be a second Big Bang Theory spinoff, which was announced on April 12, 2023. We are still waiting on more details there.

Though details behind the upcoming series are shrouded in mystery, it’s been reported that Chuck Lorre will be tied to the project.

Aside from the fact that the series will be available on Max upon its release, we don’t currently know anything about the timeline, casting, or storytelling.

Plenty Of This World To Watch

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While we wait for news on the upcoming Big Bang Theory spinoff, which is still in the early development phases, we still have 12 seasons of the flagship series, and six seasons of Young Sheldon to fall back on as we wait for the latter’s seventh season to premiere in 2024.