The USS Voyager Just Returned On Star Trek: Discovery, See It Here

By Josh Tyler | Updated

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star trek discovery voyager

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 is underway and exploring the world of the 30th century, 900 years further into the future than the show was when it started. This week in episode 5 they reconnected with the remnants of the Federation and in doing so they happened upon the descendent of perhaps the second most famous starship (outside of the Enterprise) in all of Star Trek lore: The USS Voyager.

The USS Voyager we saw, for a fleeting instant in Discovery season 3 episode 5, was the USS Voyager NCC-74656-J. That J means it’s the tenth ship to bear the name Voyager since the version that Captain Janeway flew home from the Delta Quadrant back in the 90s on Star Trek: Voyager. Here it is, your first ever look at the Voyager-J…

Granted, they didn’t show us much other than the registry on the Voyager-J’s hood, but it’s something. Enough to know that however much the design of this ship has changed it at least retains some of the basic shapes used on the original USS Voyager NCC-74656.

Here’s the original Voyager, for comparison…

star trek voyager J

The oblong, vaguely triangle shaped saucer section is still there. What else remains from the original design remains to be seen. Hopefully the Star Trek: Voyager team will give us a better look as the season goes on.

In addition to the Voyager easter egg, the Star Trek: Discovery team also snuck in a tribute to the late actor Aaron Eisenberg. Eisenberg played the character of Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So the Discovery team named a ship after him. Here’s the USS Nog…

Discovery also gave us a look at some other ultra-futuristic Starfleet ship designs. Here’s one they showed us a lot, which I’m calling the hammerhead for now…

star trek discovery voyager j

We also got a look at a ship which appears to be just one giant rainforest floating in space…


And this ship, which is pretty hard to make out, but that the crew of the Discovery observes has “detached” warp nacelles…


There are a few other ships lurking in the background around the future’s Starfleet headquarters, but nothing you can really make out…

While it’s disappointing that Star Trek: Discovery didn’t give us a better look the Voyager-J, it’s good to know that the name is still in service and out there making a difference in the universe.

The Voyager-J isn’t the first futuristic J version of a starship we’ve seen referenced in Star Trek. A ship called the Enterprise J, NCC-1701-J appears in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Azati Prime”.

Here’s the Enterprise-J as she appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise


The Enterprise-J is from the 26th century, several hundred years before the time period in which Star Trek: Discovery is now set and which the Voyager-J exists.