The Instantly Forgotten Tyrese Gibson Action Movie That Is Crushing On Streaming

By Britta DeVore | Published

Tyrese Gibson in The System

While he may have gotten his start in the music industry, Tyrese Gibson has made a name for himself on-screen. An esteemed member of the Fast & Furious franchise, Gibson has become a name also tied to Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Outside of these two franchises, the actor has appeared in a slew of other projects, with FlixPatrol reporting that his 2022 film, The System is dominating streaming charts around the world. 

Tyrese Gibson goes undercover in a dangerous prison in The System, now streaming on Hulu.

Available in the United States on Hulu, with other countries offering viewing on Amazon, Google, iTunes, and Rakuten TV, The System is a fast-paced action flick featuring Tyrese Gibson as an ex-marine who is tasked with going undercover in one of the world’s most dangerous prisons. Upon his arrival, the marine discovers an alarming truth – that the penitentiary is the home of a brutal underground fighting ring which he must now survive if he has any hopes of getting out alive and bringing the atrocities to light.

Along with Tyrese Gibson starring as the former marine, The System also features performances from Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), and rapper Lil Yachty. Certainly, not among his higher-performing movies, The System hit a low with critics and audiences alike. Currently stuck at 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the Dallas Jackson penned, produced, and directed title just didn’t have what it took to wow its hopeful following.

Tyrese Gibson and Terrence Howard in The System

For Tyrese Gibson, The System came just in between two big-budget films. First, the actor starred in Morbius alongside Jared Leto and Matt Smith, before reprising his role as Roman Pearce in this year’s Fast X. Even though Morbius was mostly panned by fans and critics, it at least became a household name. Unfortunately, The System would hardly break into the public eye, making its run on Hulu an important one for fans of Gibson’s who may not have known about the movie in the first place.

The System may be a hit with fans, but it’s one of Tyrese Gibson’s lowest-rated films by critics.

Although his feature-length film career kicked off in MTV’s 2000 film Love Song, Tyrese Gibson had been seen on television screens around the world for years before that. Kicking off his own music career at the end of the ‘90s, the singer’s good looks and soulful voice made him a prime choice to be a featured performer in a slew of music videos. Over the years, peers like Usher, Monica, Da Brat, Ludacris, Omarion, Keyshia Cole, T-Pain, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé would bring him in as the leading man in their hit videos.

As for his own music career, that would kick off when Tyrese Gibson was just in high school when he went out for a Coca-Cola commercial. Nailing the audition, his appearance as the face of the product would lead other companies, including Tommy Hilfiger and Guess, to seek out his talents. 

In 1998, Tyrese Gibson signed a contract with RCA Records and soon after found himself on the Billboard Hot 100 for “Nobody Else.” At just 19 years old, he released his first album and skyrocketed to stardom. Over the next few years, he would become a famous face on MTV as a VJ, and take home an American Music Award and six Grammy Award nominations, before he began his film takeover.

The System

While he may be best known for his roles in the Fast & Furious and Transformers franchises, Tyrese Gibson has been attached to a slew of popular projects in his more than two decades in the film industry. Included in the lineup have been a few hits and several misses with titles like Annapolis, The Take, Death Race, Legion, Ride Along 2, and Rogue Hostage

What’s Next For Tyrese Gibson

Staying as busy as ever, Tyrese Gibson just appeared in Tom DeNucci’s action feature, The Collective, alongside a cast including Ruby Rose, Don Johnson, and Lucas Till. Beyond that, he has four other movies on the way, with Justin Price’s action thriller Hard Matter the first expected to be released. In it, he’ll star opposite the likes of Frank Grillo and Harvey Keitel.

Trading in the guns for a bit of drama, Tyrese Gibson’s name is attached to Ariel Vromen’s April 29, 1992, a film about the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which features performances from the late Ray Liotta and Scott Eastwood. Then, he’ll blend thrills with drama in K. Asher Levin’s Helen’s Dead with Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Emile Hirsch. Finally, he’s currently filming alongside Bruce Dern and Taryn Manning in a horror flick titled Bloodline Killer from director Ante Novakovic.

If you’ve been looking to add more Tyrese Gibson to your life but need a break from the Fast & Furious films, check out The System, now streaming on Hulu.