Transformers 8 Already In The Works

Transformers 8 is already being worked on, but it will be a few more years before it's released.

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

michael bay

The seventh Transformers movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was released to movie theaters just a few days ago, and there are already talks of an eighth film for the franchise. This news comes after director Steven Caple Jr. shared that he is currently in talks with Paramount to direct Transformers 8. However, things are still in the very early stages, and nothing has been signed between the two parties yet.

There have been seven Transformers movies over the past 16 years, with the two latest films Bumblebee and Rise of the Beasts, taking place before the first Shia LeBeouf film in 2007. Before the latest film was released, Paramount announced that it would be the first movie of “three new installments,” so it looks like there will be at least ten movies in the franchise. Transformers 8 could take place anywhere in the Transformers timeline, but the plot of Rise of the Beasts sets it up to continue the origin story of the Maximals.

In the newest Transformers movie, Anthony Ramos plays Noah Diaz, a young man caught up in a war between machines. Optimus Prime and the Autobots team up with Maximals (a different type of Transformer) to take on the classic villain Unicron, who eats entire planets. The action-packed movie is drawing in lots of eager viewers, powering its surprise box office performance, which was even better than Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse during its opening weekend.


Rise of the Beasts also (re)introduced the G.I. Joe organization, which almost certainly means that we will see more of the G.I. Joe crew in Transformers 8 and beyond. While the G.I. Joe franchise hasn’t been doing as well as Transformers (Channing Tatum even asked for his character to be killed off), Dwayne Johnson and Rachel Nichols are interested in reprising their roles in the franchise. Maybe fans will get to see an epic battle between Dwayne Johnson and evil robots from outer space.

Steven Caple Jr. took the Transformers directing reigns from Michael Bay and Travis Knight when he came on board for Rise of the Beasts. The young director has a short resume with only two feature films (Creed II and The Land), but he has proven his skills with Rise of the Beasts and will hopefully showcase more of his directing talents in Transformers 8.

Throughout the Transformers franchise there have been many great actors and actresses who have come and gone, including Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox, Mark Wahlberg, and Ken Watanabe. Rise of the Beasts brought in some big names like Pete Davidson (Mirage), Ron Perlman (Optimus Primal), and Peter Dinklage (Scourge) to voice a few of the Autobots, and we hope to hear them again in Transformers 8, along with some new stars.

If you’ve never seen any of the Transformers movies, then you will have plenty of time to watch all seven of them before the eighth film is released. Since production of the new movie hasn’t begun yet, we most likely won’t see Transformers 8 until 2025 at the earliest.