Tom Holland Wants To Bring A New Spider-Man Into The MCU

Tom Holland wants to be a part of bringing Miles Morales into the live-action MCU.

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Recently, Tom Holland declared that he would be taking a year-long break from acting due to the stress he faced while simultaneously starring in and executive producing the Apple TV+ series, The Crowded Room. The 27-year-old star said the demanding schedule and workload were “tough,” compelling him to step back and focus on his mental well-being. Despite this temporary retreat, the young actor anticipates his involvement in Spider-Man 4 and a potential collaboration with Miles Morales, following the conclusion of his hiatus.

While making the press rounds to promote The Crowded Room, Tom Holland expressed to Inverse his enthusiasm and honor at the prospect of sharing screen space with Miles Morales. “I would be honored to bring Miles Morales into the live action world,” he said. While he acknowledged that he didn’t know how it would be achieved, he said he would leap at the opportunity for such a collaboration.

Last week, producer Amy Pascal confirmed that Spider-Man 4 is officially in development, with Tom Holland set to reprise his role as Peter Parker and Zendaya returning as MJ. Furthermore, she revealed that Sony is actively working on a live-action film centered around Miles Morales. After his big screen debut in the 2018 animated film Into the Spider-Verse, the character returned in the recently released Across the Spider-Verse.

During his conversation with Inverse, Tom Holland also hinted at the exciting developments in Spider-Man 4 without providing specific details. His cryptic remarks leave room for speculation, raising the possibility that Miles Morales could make an appearance. Given the multiverse elements explored in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the door is wide open for unexpected surprises and exciting crossovers in the upcoming film.

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It’s no secret that Spider-Man 4 faces an uphill battle in surpassing the monumental success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, a sentiment shared by Tom Holland himself. He reflected on his future as the beloved web-slinging hero during a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. The talented performer shared that while he would cherish the opportunity to continue portraying the character, he would also be satisfied bidding farewell if they couldn’t create a fourth film surpassing No Way Home’s achievements.

The ongoing writers’ strike has temporarily halted production for Spider-Man 4, briefly alleviating concerns about the potential impact of Tom Holland’s hiatus on the filming schedule. This delay also presents the creative team with a valuable opportunity to craft an exceptional storyline that matches No Way Home’s success. If all else fails, the introduction of Miles Morales to the film could serve as a powerful catalyst, propelling the franchise to new heights and injecting a fresh energy and excitement into the live-action Spider-Man series.

The immense critical and commercial success achieved by Into the Spider-Verse and its sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, has naturally fueled Sony’s eagerness to bring Miles Morales into the live-action realm. Whether through a team-up film or a standalone feature, the method chosen to introduce the character remains a subject of speculation. However, we agree with Tom Holland that witnessing his Peter Parker teaming up with Miles Morales would undoubtedly be a remarkable spectacle.

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