Tom Holland Says He’ll Only Return For Spider-Man 4 Under One Condition

Tom Holland is up for portraying Peter Parker for the rest of his life, so long as the films perform as well as Spider-Man: No Way Home.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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In a recent interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Tom Holland spoke about his future as Spider-Man and the possibility of a Spider-Man 4 movie. Stating that he sees every film he works on as a personal achievement, the English actor revealed that if he could play Spider-Man for the rest of his life, he would be happy to do so. But in the same breath, he also mentioned that if they “can’t find a way to compete with the third one,” then “he’ll swing off into the sunset.”

Tom Holland is right to be a bit nervous about reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man 4, considering how successful No Way Home was at the box office. Having pulled in nearly $2 billion against a budget of $200 million, it’s clear that the John Watts-directed film will certainly be a tough act to follow. It’s also worth mentioning that No Way Home is currently boasting a 93 percent critical score and an intimidating 98 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In other words, Tom Holland’s most recent portrayal of Spider-Man nears perfection, so we can’t really blame him for being just a little apprehensive toward reprising the role once again with a Spider-Man 4 film. In our minds, it would be foolish for Marvel Studios to not try to leverage this success in future phases of the MCU, but it goes without question that it will be difficult to live up to fans’ expectations if the upcoming film falls short compared to its predecessors.

The interview also revealed Tom Holland’s positive outlook on his own career in the sense that he doesn’t read reviews or feel concerned about being pigeonholed into certain roles. When Yahoo! correspondent Kevin Polowy asked Tom Holland point-blank about his involvement in Spider-Man 4, the web-slinger pleaded the fifth before going on to talk about it. It’s worth noting, however, that producer Amy Pascal confirmed just last week that a Spider-Man 4 is in fact happening, and both Tom Holland and Zendaya will be involved.

Though we don’t know much about Tom Holland’s participation in Spider-Man 4 at this point in time, we do know that the development is at a standstill due to the ongoing writer’s strike. Like many other film and TV properties, we will probably need to wait for a resolution to the strike before getting any more intel on the upcoming film. Pascal asserted that once the strike comes to an end, they can continue to move forward with the project.

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If you’re trying to get your Tom Holland fix in the meantime, there’s more to be excited about than just Spider-Man 4. In just a couple of days we will see the premiere of The Crowded Room on AppleTV+. This psychological thriller mini-series sees Holland taking on the lead role of Danny Sullivan, a character based on Billy Milligan from the Daniel Keyes non-fiction novel, The Minds of Billy Milligan. The first three episodes of the series will be slated for a June 9, 2023 release, and the remaining seven episodes will be released weekly through July 28.

So while we don’t currently know much about Tom Holland’s role in Spider-Man 4, we at the very least get to see Holland flex his dramatic muscle while we wait for further developments. At this point in time, we can only hope that the script for Spider-Man 4 is as iconic as its three predecessors, because the prospect of Tom Holland playing Spider-Man for the rest of his life is one that we could get behind.

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