Exclusive: Tom Cruise And Steven Spielberg Teaming For Original Action Movie Called Nomad

We've learned Tom Cruise will star in a Steven Spielberg directed feature called Nomad.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

Tom Cruise Steven Spielberg nomad

He may be turning 61 this year, but apparently he hasn’t gotten his full of death-defying stunts. Our trusted and proven sources tell us Tom Cruise will once more be collaborating with filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg, this time on the original action feature Nomad. Universal and the Spielberg-founded Amblin Entertainment are set to produce.

No plot details for Nomad are available, though we wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a strong science-fiction element. Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg have worked together twice before on features long before we heard about Nomad, and both were sci-fi blockbusters.

Their first collaboration was on the 2002 dystopian drama Minority Report — one of many adaptations of Phillip K. Dick’s work, this one based on his 1956 novella of the same. Three years later, the Spielberg-helmed The War of the Worlds — based on the classic H.G. Wells novel — hit theaters starring Cruise in the lead role.

Likewise, while we don’t yet know the logline for Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg’s Nomad, the title could lend itself easily to either a post-apocalyptic setting or something involving space travel.

If it is a sci-fi feature, then it certainly won’t be the only one Cruise is working on in the next few years. We recently learned the star is ready to make Oblivion 2, the sequel to the first 2013 movie. Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski, who helmed the first film, will once again work with Cruise in the follow-up.

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Speaking of Top Gun: Maverick, it should come as no surprise that Tom Cruise is a target leading man for Steven Spielberg to make Nomad or any other project. As Deadline reported in February, Spielberg famously credited Cruise with saving “Hollywood’s ass” by waiting for Maverick to release in theaters rather than sending it straight to streaming. The result was the long-awaited sequel making $1.5 billion, and becoming only one of three films in 2022 — along with Jurassic World Dominion and Avatar: The Way of Water — to crack the $1 billion mark.

Though it is interesting and refreshing that the pair are choosing the riskier route of going with a completely original property, all signs may point toward superhero fatigue finally causing some trouble for both Marvel and DC, but no one seems to be suffering from franchise fatigue just yet. After all, while none of last year’s superhero movies broke through the $1 billion ceiling, the movies that did were all franchise flicks.