Titanic Is Returning To Netflix After Submarine Disaster

The massive hit Titanic will soon be streaming on Netflix.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

titanic netflix

Titanic is returning to Netflix this Saturday, July 1, just weeks after the Titan submersible made an ill-fated trip to the sunken ship’s resting place. The modern vessel had been offering customers the opportunity to visit the wreckage. However, the sub lost communication with its support crew, leading to a frantic search and rescue operation that lasted several days.

The incident gained global attention as people became aware of the existence of this exclusive tourist industry and contemplated the circumstances surrounding the submersible’s disappearance. After extensive efforts, rescuers located remnants of Titan and confirmed that it had suffered an implosion, bringing a somber conclusion to the ordeal.

Following the tragedy, there has been a renewed interest in the Titanic. Folks wanting to learn more about the legendary passenger ship can tune into Titanic on Netflix for a fictional retelling of events. However, the film, directed by James Cameron, doesn’t really provide any historical value to the 1912 sinking. Instead, the real-life details serve as the backdrop to a fictional love story.

The story follows Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), a young, upper-class woman traveling aboard the Titanic with her wealthy fiancé. But her life changes forever when she accidentally meets Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a free-spirited artist from a lower-class background, who wins a ticket to board the ship in a poker game.

titanic netflix

Despite their different social backgrounds, Rose and Jack develop a deep connection and fall in love during the voyage. Titanic (soon to be on Netflix) not only portrays their blossoming love story but also delves into the stark contrast between the opulence of the ship’s first-class passengers and the hardships faced by those in the lower-class accommodations.

Amid the story of Rose and Jack, the Titanic strikes an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean, leading to a series of tragic events. The subsequent chaos and lack of lifeboats contribute to the loss of over 1,500 lives, making it one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history. Rose and Jack are forced to fight for survival, facing numerous obstacles and challenges.

Upon its release, Titanic received critical acclaim for its visual effects, production design, and performances, which is why its addition to Netflix has been met with some excitement. The film was a massive commercial success, earning over $2 billion worldwide and holding the title of the highest-grossing movie of all time until 2010 when James Cameron’s Avatar surpassed it.

Several documentaries are available for viewers interested in the historical aspect of the Titanic’s shipwreck. According to Pop Culture, Paramount+ has two informative documentaries from the Smithsonian Channel called Titanic’s Fatal Fire and Titanic’s Final Mystery, proving that the Titanic remains a captivating subject even after more than a century since its sinking.

Along with Titanic heading to Netflix, “My Heart Will Go On,” performed by Celine Dion for the 1997 movie, has also experienced a surge in popularity. The track earned over 522,000 plays on Spotify since the Titan submersible was reported as missing. The streaming figures continue to rise as discussions surrounding the tourist vessel and the Titanic persist in the media and social platforms.