The Walking Dead Change Lauren Cohan Would Have Made

If The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan had her way, this brutal change would be made to the final season.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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When you have a really great villain, people will love to hate them. Eventually, fans will want to see them dead for the evil they committed. We have gotten that catharsis in Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and so many more shows. One that has not quite delivered is The Walking Dead as it has kept Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Rampage), and has slightly redeemed him in some areas. Keeping Negan alive has been a divisive decision and if you have wanted to see him killed off, you are not alone. The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Rhee, agrees that he should be dead too.

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, Lauren Cohan tells the outlet about what she wants for her character and the demise of the long-running antagonist. In the episode Acheron Part II, Maggie survives a dangerous situation that Negan put her in by abandoning her to hungry zombies and makes it to the safety of the DC Metro car. She was as mad as anyone as she wanted “Maggie to shoot him.”

Negan rationalizes not saving Maggie by explaining the difference between attempting to kill her and not lending a hand. In the interview, Lauren Cohan has her own rationalization of why Maggie does not kill the man who killed her husband, Steven Yeun’s (Invincible) Glenn, in the premiere of season 7. To her, the character wants to withhold her anger to not let it consume her. To the actress, it is about maintaining a “respect for life.”

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Lauren Cohan gives insight into the frustrating complications of the characters. While her character has gone to a darker place, her co-star has, in some ways, gone to the light with some redeeming acts. Still, in a world ravaged by the undead, you need to do what is best for you to survive. It is about what people “perceive” is what is required to live in this wasteland.

A chunk of the last 24-episodes of the series will deal with this complicated relationship between Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s characters in The Walking Dead. The final season, which is spread across the next year, will hopefully bring some resolution to fans about these characters and where they are heading for these final episodes. The first part will run to mid-October and sprinkle itself out throughout the rest of 2022 before finally concluding.

While the future is unclear for some of the cast, like Lauren Cohan, when it comes to moving forward, some stars will continue with the franchise. There are plans for another decade of The Walking Dead shows and movies, wherein we can expect new territories to be explored. Fear the Walking Dead is still going strong as it premieres its seventh season in October. We will eventually get a Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) spin-off series. Sometime in the future, we will get the zombie franchise on the big screen with a trilogy of Rick Grimes movies with Andrew Lincoln reprising the role.