The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Carol Spinoff Won’t Be Like The Original Show

Norman Reedus has shared that The Walking Dead spinoff series will be something different.

By Tristan Zelden | Updated

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Although The Walking Dead is ending next year with season 11, it will not stop the franchise from moving forward. Spin-offs like Fear the Walking Dead continue to go strong, and movies are being planned for the future. One project is a spin-off with Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (played by Melissa McBride). Reedus has given some hints at how it will differ from the original series.

The two actors are originals from the premiere season of The Walking Dead. Surviving over 170 episodes of the zombie apocalypse series based on the comics from Robert Kirkman, the two will get their own show that will take place after the finale of the flagship show.

Answering fan questions for IMDb, Norman Reedus let on what is being planned for The Walking Dead spin-off series. He said that it would “look nothing like” the original series that premiered in 2010. Episodes of the series have paired his character with his co-star before, but he emphasized that this series will not be like those episodes.

This lines up with the in-development project for The Walking Dead. TWD Universe chief content officer Scott Gimple talked about what to expect before. He has described it as a “different tone,” comparing it to the original series or even its companion series. The Walking Dead sequel was greenlit and is planning for a 2023 release. It is co-created by the showrunner of the original series, Angela Kang, who has partnered with the chief content officer.

The idea of Daryl and Carol going off on their own was started in season ten of The Walking Dead. The two chewed on the idea of going to New Mexico. The road trip could open plenty of doors for them to meet new people, exploring new environments, and growing the relationship between the two characters. Throughout the series, there has been a bond between them that has grown exponentially since the debut.

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It has been reported that AMC is planning to extend The Walking Dead further for at least another 10 years. If this is true, it certainly is on the right track. The Daryl and Carol series, which currently does not have an official title, is only one part of the franchise’s plans in the future. For years, the original lead of the debut show, Andrew Lincoln, has been planning to have his own trilogy of movies. The process on that has been slow, as some of the other plans, but expect to get plenty of zombie killing action in the coming years outside of the already established shows.

We have 24 episodes left until The Walking Dead is buried, and we move forward toward new shows and movies to take its place. However, as that premieres next year, we still have more Fear the Walking Dead coming with its nuclear season seven hitting AMC on October 17. Recently, the spin-off put out two clips that give fans an idea of what to expect as it is full of nuclear fallout and dark secrets about one of the series’ villains.