Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead Status Just Got A Major Update

Here are all the plans for Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes.

By Tristan Zelden | Published

Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln is set to return as his iconic sheriff-turned zombie slayer in another project within the universe of The Walking Dead. It might not happen exactly the way we think.

Chief content officer of the franchise, Scott Gimble, spoke about the spin-off series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and Andrew Lincoln’s future for killing the undead. He ruled out Rick Grimes appearing in the next season when asked by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick.

A part of this is because of the connections between the mainline series and the limited-time spin-off. With locations that fans have seen Andrew Lincoln during his stint in The Walking Dead, it has led to expectations that he will be seen. Instead, it will connect threads together without any cameos.

Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead

With spin-offs like Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond, along with movies and the ending of the main series, greater connections will start to be made. Gimble was open about how things are tied together while also telling standalone stories. A timeline is set with Fear of The Walking Dead being before everything, World Beyond is in the middle, and with the final season of The Walking Dead, it is a bit ahead of the latter.

Plans for movies that will center on Andrew Lincoln’s character have been laid out; supposedly, it will be a trilogy. reported that it is still happening, and drafts of the script are being written. Director Greg Nicotero (Creepshow, The Walking Dead) has read these drafts, so there is progress being made. It is taking time because of COVID-19 and wanting to nail the execution of making a movie for The Walking Dead and Rick Grimes.

What we do know about the movie with Andrew Lincoln as the lead is that it will hit theaters. Initially, it was set to be on AMC, but with Universal Pictures acquiring the distribution rights, it will hit the big screen. Nicotero supported that idea anyways as he wanted something of a scale that is worthy of a theatrical experience.

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Andrew Lincoln was in over 100 episodes of the original AMC series based on the comic books created by Robert Kirkman. He made an appearance in Fear the Walking Dead for the premiere of its fourth season. The British actor was known in his home country for shows like Afterlife and Teachers. Fighting the undead in 2010 was what brought him recognition to the rest of the world. Due to that time spent, he has not done much work outside of a few small roles in shows like Robot Chicken. Last year he starred in Penguin Bloom with co-stars Naomi Watts (Birdman) and Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook).

There is no window for when The Walking Dead movie will start production with Andrew Lincoln. For now, Fear the Walking Dead will have its seventh season on October 17 (which also has two scenes that have been revealed during San Diego Comic-Con). The second season of World Beyond will premiere on October 3. So, zombie fans should have plenty to watch to hold them over during the spookiest month of the year.