The Boys Just Spoofed One Of The Most Popular Rom-Coms Ever

The Boys social media page has come after the romantic comedy Love Actually, by proposing a new movie Noir, Really.

By James Brizuela | Published

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The Boys has one of the best social media pages in the world, and the show’s social media page is back again to roast another favorite property in the grand scope of pop culture. This time, Vought International took aim at one of the most popular romantic comedies ever: Love Actually. Instead of the Christmas romantic comedy that everyone is a fan of, we get the global superhero company presenting a new movie starring Black Noir called: Noir, Really.

The original movie, Love Actually, follows eight couples during the holidays, and these couples are all interconnected in various ways, as they handle relationships and family life during Christmas time in England. Starring in the romantic comedy is a massive cast that includes Laura Linney, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, and many more. We are not sure who would be starring in Noir, Really—but we would imagine The Boys would incorporate plenty of its dastardly superheroes.

We have to hand it to the copywriter for The Boys, as their tagline for the fake Black Noir movie is quite good too. It reads, “A holiday comedy like Noir other.” While this is clearly just a spoof poster, we would be sold on wanting to see Black Noir in anything that was labeled as a comedy. The superhero is part of The Seven and is arguably one of the more cutthroat heroes out of the entire team, apart from Homelander.

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If you have not caught up on The Boys, you might want to look away, as the rest of this article is going to contain spoilers. The great thing about the spoof poster is that it indicates the movie would be a romantic comedy, though Black Noir never speaks, apart from the flashback episode we received in the third season. In fact, it wasn’t until that moment in the third season that anyone got to find out who Black Noir truly was, as he finally took his mask off and engaged with Soldier Boy during a mission in Nicaragua.

Sadly, Black Noir was horribly burned and had part of his brain destroyed during that mission, leaving him with the intellect of a small child. This proposed romantic comedy would be all kinds of odd if it had to be mostly a silent film, and the protagonist couldn’t engage in any sort of romantic feelings with anyone else. Still, you have to hand it to the social media page of The Boys, as it always comes in with some of the funniest topical jokes on the internet.

For those who have not caught up on The Boys, all three seasons are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and it happens to be one of the best shows currently on television. Also, as previously praised, the social media presence of the fake superhero company on Twitter is top-notch. Vought International has been making fun of everyone including former President Donald Trump, the Warner Bros and Discover merger, and now Love Actually.

The Boys has been renewed for a fourth season, which we are likely to see in 2023. We can all expect the Vought International Twitter page to gather plenty of additional ammo for any sort of drama that appears in the news until the new season airs.