See The Boys Supe Take Over As DC’s Aquaman

By Danyell Marshall | Published

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Fans of The Boys took to Twitter with a theatrical poster that’s making waves. The artwork, created by fan artist BossLogic, depicts antagonist The Deep (Chase Crawford) dressed in full DC Aquaman costume and superimposed on the 2018 film poster. A dolphin stands in place of Amber Heard‘s Mera in a nod only fans will get.

The Boys turns a skeptical eye toward hero worship by creating a world of violent, narcissistic, bigoted superheroes with deranged MOs. The Deep from The Boys and Aquaman have long been compared as the two characters share some abilities. Just like Aquaman, The Deep can communicate with marine wildlife and breathe underwater. But, unlike Aquaman, he’s more than a little cringe.

The Boys turns the typical superhero narrative on its head with an irreverent edge. The Deep is a shallow social media darling who lacks his DC counterpart’s tragic backstory or human decency. That’s exactly as it should be in a world where heroes are sleazy. Among the sleazy characters on The Boys, The Deep ranks pretty high.

So, why is there a dolphin where Mera should be? The answer isn’t pretty. In a harrowing scene, The Deep’s attempt to save a dolphin goes terribly wrong but not before she reveals her feelings for the aquatic antihero and their sordid past.

Her death is neither dignified nor peaceful. Suffice it to say, her inclusion in the poster is its barb.

The poster wasn’t made to ship Chase Crawford with an aquatic mammal (though this wasn’t The Deep’s first land and sea relationship.) Instead, the image was made in reference to James Gunn’s recent hiring. Gunn recently became the co-chairperson and co-CEO of DC Studios, which many suspect will lead to franchise changes.

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Chace Crawford in The Boys

James Gunn began his career as a screenwriter at Troma Entertainment. He’s known for his raunchy, flippant humor like that of The Boys. Is the poster an excited invitation from fans to bring more camp to the DC universe? In a climate where fandoms take themselves seriously, responses to the poster seem primarily positive.

The question is, whose fans are laughing along? Of course, anyone who appreciates the snappy writing of The Boys would likely enjoy a beloved DC character like Aquaman falling from grace. But, on the other hand, it’s hard to say how Aquaman fans would react to his character romancing the fish.

Fans hope to add more laughs between the explosions, intentional or not. While it’s unclear if Gunn has any significant plans to shake up the Aquaman franchise, he has made some statements about his focus. Superman is the main focus at DC right now, according to the new DC co-CEO and co-chairperson.

Gunn is the first DC exec to communicate freely with fans via Twitter. Unprecedented access has former DC actors reaching out about future roles. So far, none have been confirmed.

We may not see a dolphin-wooing Aquaman anytime soon, but the poster is a fun nod to DC’s newest executive’s legacy and unique humor. James Gunn will bring new energy to the DC universe, whether Aquaman gets a little raunchy.