The Best TV Shows To Watch While Working Out

By Chad Langen | Updated

If you’re looking for some engaging television series to keep you motivated during your workout, we have you covered. Whether you’re a fan of intense competition or mouthwatering culinary showdowns, shows like Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen offer the perfect combination of entertainment and inspiration, making them the ideal companions for your fitness journey. The following is a list of the 10 best TV shows to watch when working out as you embark on your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

10. Chopped

The fast-paced nature of Chopped, with its timed challenges and intense cooking action, will keep your mind focused and your energy levels up during your workout session.

The suspense and excitement of each round will provide a distraction from physical exertion, making the time fly by. Additionally, the show presents a distinctive chance to acquire knowledge about ingredients, cooking techniques, and the art of flavor combinations.

As you witness talented chefs create remarkable dishes under pressure, you will gain culinary inspiration and knowledge that you can apply to your own healthy meal preparations.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and educational TV show to enhance your workout experience, look no further than Chopped. Let the competition and creativity inspire you as you sweat it out, turning your exercise routine into a more enjoyable and rewarding activity.

9. Hell’s Kitchen

The high-stakes challenges, fiery confrontations, and fast-paced kitchen action in the hit reality TV series Hell’s Kitchen will keep you engaged and motivated while working out. The competitive energy and determination showcased by the aspiring chefs mirror the drive and focus needed to achieve fitness goals, inspiring you to push harder and stay committed.

Hell’s Kitchen presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to acquire culinary expertise and find inspiration. Observing the chefs endure immense pressure while crafting delectable dishes, you will have the opportunity to grasp cooking techniques and discover innovative ideas that can be incorporated into your own health-conscious culinary pursuits.

8. BattleBots

The intense battles, strategic maneuvers, and awe-inspiring robot designs in the popular TV show BattleBots will keep you on the edge of your exercise bike seat, providing an exciting distraction from the physical demands while working out. The sheer spectacle of the fights and the competitive spirit exhibited by the teams will fuel your motivation, pushing you to give your all during your fitness regimen.

BattleBots provides an unmatched chance to witness the apex of innovation and engineering brilliance. Observing the intricately crafted robots unleash their might in the arena, you will be inspired and gain a deep appreciation for the art of problem-solving and creative thinking.

7. Wipeout

The hilarious wipeouts, outrageous challenges, and energetic commentary of Wipeout creates a lively atmosphere that will keep you engaged and uplifted throughout your working out time. The physical feats and perseverance displayed by the contestants in this TV show will serve as a reminder of the resilience and determination needed to achieve your fitness goals.

The acclaimed reality series provides a unique avenue to ignite your competitive spirit. As you observe the contestants expertly navigate daunting obstacles, you can cheer them on and visualize yourself conquering similar challenges. This mental imagery serves as a potent source of inspiration, empowering you to exceed your limits, stay focused, and surpass your workout boundaries.

6. Ninja Warrior

The jaw-dropping obstacles, incredible athleticism, and relentless determination showcased by the contestants in Ninja Warrior create an immersive experience that will fuel your own drive during your workout. As you witness their awe-inspiring feats, you will channel their strength and resilience, pushing yourself to conquer your own physical challenges.

Moreover, this series offers valuable insights into functional fitness and bodyweight exercises. The agility, balance, and strength required to navigate the course will inspire you to incorporate similar movements into your own workout routine, promoting overall athleticism and functional strength.

If you’re looking for a captivating and empowering TV show for working out, Ninja Warrior is the ultimate choice. Let the extraordinary performances and indomitable spirit of the competitors energize your motivation, turning your exercise session into an exhilarating journey towards achieving your fitness goals.

5. The Amazing Race

tv working out workout

The fast-paced challenges, breathtaking destinations, and thrilling race dynamics in the long-running TV series The Amazing Race will keep you engrossed and motivated throughout your workout. The constant race against the clock and the intense physical demands faced by the contestants mirror the dedication and perseverance needed to achieve your own fitness goals.

The Amazing Race presents a distinct chance to broaden your understanding of diverse cultures, embark on virtual explorations of new locations, and witness remarkable teamwork. Watching the contestants as they conquer obstacles, solve puzzles, and exhibit resilience will inspire you and provide valuable insights that can be applied to your own fitness journey, making working out fun.

4. Dancing with the Stars

tv working out workout

The high-energy performances, dazzling choreography, and infectious music in Dancing with the Stars create an uplifting atmosphere that will keep you engaged and energized during your workout. The captivating routines and the dedication displayed by the celebrity contestants will inspire you to move with grace, rhythm, and enthusiasm.

Dancing with the Stars offers a special chance to explore and appreciate a variety of dance styles. As you cheer on the contestants as they master various techniques and witness their progress throughout the competition, you will be inspired to incorporate dance into your own fitness regimen, embracing its joy and physical benefits.

If you’re looking for an invigorating and entertaining TV show to enhance that working out time, Dancing with the Stars is an excellent choice. Allow the passion and artistry of the dancers to ignite your motivation, transforming your exercise routine into a captivating dance-filled journey that propels you towards your fitness goals.

3. Survivor

tv working out workout

This long-running reality competition series offers a thrilling viewing experience that will enhance your exercise routine in multiple ways. The intense challenges, strategic gameplay, and interpersonal dynamics of this TV show will keep you engrossed and entertained during your workout.

The constant twists and turns, as well as the physical and mental endurance displayed by the contestants, will provide an adrenaline boost that will help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

Survivor will also serve as a source of inspiration. Watching individuals navigate through demanding obstacles, overcome hardships, and display resilience will fuel your own determination to push through challenges and reach new levels of fitness.

2. American Ninja Warrior

tv working out workout

The awe-inspiring obstacles, remarkable athleticism, and unwavering determination exhibited by the contestants in American Ninja Warrior generate an immersive experience that will ignite your own motivation during your workout. As you observe their extraordinary accomplishments, you will tap into their strength and resilience, propelling yourself to overcome your own physical hurdles.

The display of sheer determination and perseverance will serve as a catalyst, empowering you to push beyond your limits and conquer personal challenges, amplifying the impact of your workout session.

When it comes to finding an engaging and empowering TV show to enhance your workout, look no further than American Ninja Warrior. Allow the remarkable performances and unyielding determination of the contestants to fuel your motivation, transforming your exercise session into an electrifying journey towards reaching your fitness goals.

1. The Biggest Loser

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The emotional journeys, incredible weight loss transformations, and unwavering determination exhibited by the contestants in The Biggest Loser create a deeply engaging and relatable viewing experience. As you witness their struggles and triumphs, you’ll be motivated to push through your own challenges and work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Additionally, offers valuable insights into nutrition, exercise, and personal growth. From meal planning to workout routines, you will gain practical knowledge that you can apply to your own healthy lifestyle choices.

By watching The Biggest Loser while you work out, you’ll draw strength and inspiration from the contestants’ remarkable achievements, transforming your exercise routine into a journey of self-improvement and physical transformation.