See Taron Egerton As Marvel’s Wolverine

By Doug Norrie | 18 seconds ago

taron egerton

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe set for another expansion in the next couple of years, there has been more than a little speculation about how new versions of old characters will make their way into this franchise. At the forefront of this dreaming and wondering are the X-Men who could either come all at once into the MCU or maybe in bits and pieces. Of course, no character is more popular among that group than Wolverine, he of the rugged looks and adamantium claws. One actor who got the fan art treatment was Taron Egerton in the role and the dude definitely looks every bit the part. 

The view of Taron Egerton as Wolverine made its way to Instagram from the account @mizuriau who put the image together after hearing a rumor that Egerton would be taking on the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That hasn’t exactly come to fruition, but based on this image it can’t be because of looks. It appears as the dude could definitely pull it off, and from a talent perspective, we know that the chops are there as well. Check out Taron Egerton imagined in the Wolverine/ Logan role. 

Again, this piece about Taron Egerton isn’t actual casting news, on that front Marvel hasn’t made any announcements on the X-Men front at all. Though there have been rumors about which direction they could take things, most of it has simply been conjecture. There have been rumors that we could see Hugh Jackman return to the iconic role he took on for so long. With the establishment of the Multiverse into the Marvel storylines, previous character deaths don’t necessarily mean things are all over there. We are about to see that very thing play out in Spider-Man: No Way Home with all manner of villains from different studios making their way back into the fold. Just because Wolverine existed in a totally different story under a completely different banner doesn’t mean Marvel can’t role it back. 

But it does stand to reason, considering the size and scope of the X-Men as a group that we will see new castings for Wolverine and others. It is likely that Marvel wants something of a reset along these lines considering the age of Jackman and some of the other folks who took on the roles previously. That would line someone like Taron Egerton up a bitter better for the long haul. Going younger across the board with the X-Men, and possibly reimagining origin stories for the group would line up better with a younger acting cohort. 

In the meantime, Taron Egerton is busy enough with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Rocketman actor has parlayed those talented pipes into voice roles in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance as well as Moominvalley. Plus he’ll be reprising his role as the crooning ape Johnny in Sing 2. His next live-action role will be in Tetris as Henk Rodgers, who was responsible for bringing the popular game to market back in the 1980s. After that, it will be a starring role in the series In with the Devil on Apple TV+.