Stunning Art Turns Sydney Sweeney Into The Next Supergirl

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Sasha Calle may not be the DCU’s primary Supergirl moving forward, so this original art posted by the GFR Instagram helps us see what Sydney Sweeney would look like as the famous cousin of Superman.

Sydney Sweeney Supergirl
Sydney Sweeney changing into Supergirl

And here she is Sydney Sweeney fully changed into her Supergirl costume and ready to fly in a second photo over here.

Even though Marvel movies started bucking this tradition in the very first Iron Man movie, superheroes have traditionally been defined by their dual lives. For example, when Superman isn’t rocking the red and blue spandex and saving the world, he is kicking back as mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent. To represent this, our art of Sydney Sweeney as Supergirl captures her getting out of her civvies and getting ready to save the world (swipe to see the second photo).

Like Superman before her, Supergirl wears glasses in her civilian identity. This helps preserve the secret identity very well because it’s difficult to believe someone might be an alien with laser eyes and X-ray vision when they are sporting corrective lenses. While you wouldn’t know it from just watching her on Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney actually wears glasses, so we think she’d dig an onscreen superhero gig where she gets to wear her actual specs for half the movie.

While Sydney Sweeney certainly has both the talent and the captivating beauty to play one of the world’s most famous superheroes, the truth is that she’d have some very big (and very red) boots to fill. While the 1984 Supergirl film by Warner Bros. was a disappointment compared to the early Chris Reeves Superman movies, Helen Slater seemed perfectly cast as his Kryptonian cousin. And more recently, Melissa Benoist finished up a successful six-season run of the CW show Supergirl, helping to both explore and define this character for an entirely new generation of fans.

Helen Slater as Supergirl

However, whether we get Sydney Sweeney or anyone else to play Supergirl in the DCU depends largely on what happens to Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in The Flash. Given how different she is in both appearance and temperament, some fans think this is a one-off appearance and that we’ll get a different, more permanent Supergirl actor after James Gunn re-introduces Superman to the DCU in 2025.

Then again, it’s an open secret that the studio is using The Flash to establish a new superhero status quo, and when all the dust settles, Calle could end up permanently rocking that cape.

Interestingly, while we may or may not ever see Sydney Sweeney as fan-favorite DC hero Supergirl, we will see her in the Marvel movie Madame Web early next year. In that film, Dakota Johnson plays the title character while Sweeney plays Julia Carpenter, a character who is one of many in the comics to mask up and call themselves Spider-Woman.

We’ve long said it’s crazy that Sony keeps making Spider-Man spinoffs without Spider-Man, but if this film has Sweeney slapping on a skintight suit and webbing bad guys just like a spider can, we’ll be ordering our movie tickets as soon as humanly (or spiderly) possible.