A Supernatural Star Has Died

Supernatural star Nicki Aycox has died after a battle with leukemia.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

An early season Supernatural star, Nicki Aycox, passed away this week after a battle with leukemia. ComicBook.com reports that Aycox was diagnosed with the disease in 2020, and after two years of battle, succumbed to the insidious disease in her California home with her husband by her side. The frequent television guest star was only 47 at the time of her passing.

Nicki Aycox in Supernatural

Supernatural fans knew Nicki Aycox as the demon “Meg” from season 1 and season 4 of the long-running hit CW show. While the demon itself was unnamed, the name Meg came from the original host that it was possessing, portrayed by Aycox for several season 1 episodes. While at the time it was just another series of guest appearances for the television star, her portrayal of Meg was one of the first season-long antagonists for the Winchester brothers and set a template for all of the stars that followed.

While Supernatural is what Nicki Aycox is most well known for, the actress had a long career mostly comprised of one-off guest spots in television dramas. Never getting to the level of being a household name, Aycox nevertheless has portrayed many characters across multiple genres, leading many fans to unknowingly recognize the star’s face and performances. That level of celebrity, finding steady work while staying below the level of paparazzi or overzealous fans, worked out well for the television actress.

Following season 1 of Supernatural, Nicki Aycox’s biggest recurring gig was on the TNT drama Dark Blue. Starring Dylan McDermott as her commanding officer, Aycox played the role of Jamie Allen, an undercover detective with a checkered past. The series only lasted for two seasons and 30 episodes before being canceled but it gave the star a chance at being a co-lead after years of guest spots.

Before making a name for herself among Supernatural fans, Nicki Aycox appeared in the third episode of Criminal Minds‘ second season, “The Perfect Storm.” While that was a guest spot as the killer of the week, Aycox made a larger impression as part of the ensemble in Jeepers Creepers 2 as the psychic cheerleader Minxie Hayes. That character description sounds wonky and offbeat, because it is, but those were the types of characters that the actress excelled in portraying throughout her career.

Another slightly off-kilter portrayal came one year after her Supernatural run when Nicki Aycox co-starred alongside Halle Berry and Bruce Willis in Perfect Stranger. Aycox played Grace Clayton, and in true thriller fashion, managed to show the multiple sides of the character through twists and turns. Whether playing a demon, a serial killer, psychic cheerleader, or a childhood friend with a secret, Aycox brought the right level of menace and camp to each of her roles.

Due to the long-running success of Supernatural, Nicki Aycox will forever be linked to the series stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, along with the rabid, loyal fanbase cultivated over the 15-year run. In recent years, after retiring from acting, Aycox became a vegan chef and would frequently share recipes on Instagram. In 2015, the actress released an EP, Red Velvet Room, with five original songs.