The CW Makes A Final Decision On Superman & Lois Season 4

Superman & Lois has been renewed for a fourth season.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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If you were worried about Superman & Lois not getting picked up for Season 4, you’ll be glad to know that Deadline reported that the series has officially been renewed. With the recent news of Gotham Knight’s cancellation comes the news that Superman & Lois will live to see another 10-episode run, but there will be some changes due to a number of budget constraints that The CW is currently facing. In addition to paring the season down to a 10-episode run rather than the 13 episodes we’ve grown accustomed to, there will also be some changes to the cast that have yet to be announced.

It has been reported Superman & Lois won’t see changes to its core cast consisting of 12 series regulars, but Season 4 will also probably be missing some familiar supporting actors. Though we don’t have to wait too long to find out which supporting actors won’t come back to reprise their roles, as the casting options for the series are expiring this week. It’s also worth noting that in order for the series to survive financially, it’s speculated that Superman & Lois will also lean more heavily into its dramatic storytelling, which would be more in line with The CW’s current content slate, which includes dramas like Walker, and All American: Homecoming, both of which have been renewed by the network.

As for Superman & Lois’ shortened run for the upcoming season, it’s safe to say that the high cost of special effects for the series were one of the many deciding factors in reducing the overall cost of Season 4. This isn’t to say that the series will have a total lack of special effects, but rather navigate through its narrative structure through dialogue and dramatic tension. In other words, we’ll probably still see plenty of action, but the tradeoff is less episodes, and more carefully placed action sequences that are critical to the storytelling.

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Considering that Superman & Lois is the last remaining DC series on The CW, it makes sense that we’re going to see a pivot in how the show is presented, but this development isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By the looks of it, The CW is well aware that Superman & Lois is an important show for their network, and they’re doing whatever they can to make sure season 4 stays true to its superhero roots despite the financial hurdles involved in keeping the series alive. The alternative would be canceling the series outright, which wouldn’t be a wise move to make, considering that Superman & Lois is one of the network’s top performers.

It has also been reported that The CW is in talks of sharing the streaming rights to Superman & Lois, and those who have a Max subscription can watch the first three seasons at the time of this article. With all of the above developments in motion, we can only hope that Superman & Lois is well-received when Season 4 premieres and will continue to be renewed for more seasons if the ratings are there. At the end of the day, it looks like the series is in good hands and that The CW most certainly has a vested interest in making sure that the series continues to be a success despite its obstacles.