The Best Steven Seagal Movie Is Getting A Reboot

By James Brizuela | 53 seconds ago

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Steven Seagal has mostly been out of the Hollywood film spotlight for quite some time. That detail could be rectified somewhat soon as the best Seagal film is officially getting a reboot. Under Siege, which was initially released in 1992, is now going to be revived by Warner Bros studios. Timo Tjahjanto will be directing and Umair Aleem writing the script for the reboot.

The duo pitched their idea for the Under Siege reboot to HBO Max and it has now been selected to move forward in production. There is no word on whether or not Steven Seagal will be called upon to reprise his role as Casey Ryback just yet. The reboot is planned to be streamed on HBO Max, with no other plans of premiering in theaters as of yet.

Under Siege followed Casey Ryback, a former Navy Seal turned cook who has to stop a group of terrorists. Once the aircraft carrier that Ryback is on is taken hostage by mercenaries with leader Strannix and the help of Commander Krill. Once the mercenaries take over, only Ryback can stop them. Ryback was a former Navy Seal who had been demoted to cooking duties after punching a superior officer. Steven Seagal was joined by Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones (Strannix). Gary Busey (Commander Krill) rounded out the cast.

Under Siege pulled in $156 million dollars worldwide. The success of the first film led to 1995’s Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, which raked in over $104 million. Steven Seagal reprised his role the role of Casey Ryback in the sequel. With as much money as the original Under Siege films made, it’s potential as a reboot is clear. According to, $156 million in 1992 would be worth nearly $295 million today.

Under Siege

Timo Tjahjanto is no stranger to action films. Along with the reboot to the Steven Seagal classic, Tjahjanto is the upcoming director for the American version of Train to Busan. The pending title for the remake is Last Train to New York. Tjahjanto has also written and directed Killers, Headshot, and Portal. Tjahjanto got his start in directing with V/H/S/2 segment “Safe Haven.” Partner and writer Umair Aleem has worked on Kate, the Netflix assassin film that stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson.

Steven Seagal may not be the draw today that he was in 1992, but adding a top-level talent to a reboot of one of the better 90s action films would work wonders. It could follow suit with the 90s rebooted films like Point Break, Total Recall, and Judge Dredd. Someone like Dwayne Johnson or Jason Momoa could fit the starring role in a more contemporary version of Under Siege.

Steven Seagal currently works for Vladamir Putin. His last film was released in 2019 and titled Beyond the Law. Seagal and DMX co-star in thw gritty crime drama where a detective finds his estranged son dead and sets out to avenge him. This marked the first time DMX and Seagal had worked together since 2001’s Exit Wounds.