Star Trek Takes Over Netflix Days After Being Added

By April Ryder | Published

Thanks to the global reach of Netflix, Star Trek: Prodigy is available for streaming again. After its recent removal from the Paramount+ roster, the show has been unavailable for streaming for several months. 

Now fans of the show and a whole new audience are enjoying the chance to see what Star Trek: Prodigy has to offer. Pinned as a children’s series, the show has made quite the impact since its Christmas day release on its new streaming home on Netflix. After only two days on the streaming giant’s platform, Star Trek: Prodigy has already made its way into the Top 10 lists in several countries. 

Netflix has a much larger global audience than Paramount+, and the extended reach has been good for the show’s popularity.

Prodigy Takes Over Netflix Top 10

The animated Star Trek addition made it to the U.S. Top 10 list for kids after just one day on the streaming channel, coming in at #9 on the list. As of today, Star Trek: Prodigy is sitting at #6 on the kids’ Top 10 list. 

The UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and New Zealand also welcomed the animated series to their Top 10 lists. Just like in the United States, the show is quickly moving up the ranks in other countries as well. In the UK, Star Trek: Prodigy moved from #9 to #6 and from #5 to #1 on the list in Germany.

Prodigy Appeals To Younger Fans

If you’re not yet familiar with the show, Star Trek: Prodigy was created as a part of the Paramount+ campaign to design a Star Trek extended universe. The show is targeted towards a younger audience in an attempt to draw a new generation into the massive Star Trek fan base. 

What Is Prodigy About?

Prodigy features a motley crew of young outsider aliens who are enslaved at the Tars Lamora prison colony. When they find an abandoned Starfleet ship, the USS Protostar, the youths take control of the vessel and use it to space.

Exploring the galaxy around them leads to an array of adventures, and they even have a hologram of Star Trek: Voyager‘s Captain Janeway to help them along the way. As they make their way from the Delta Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant, the group has to learn to work together to survive the journey.

Season 1 Now Streaming On Netflix

Season one of the show is now available in its entirety (20 episodes) on Netflix, but there is no word on exactly when season two will drop. It’s slated for 2024, but there are no specifics on a date or if the new season will be split into two separate release dates. 

Season 2 Releasing On Neflix In 2024

prodigy netflix

Early info regarding the direction of the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy (which was reportedly completed earlier this month) sees the youthful group of derelict aliens joining Admiral Kathryn Janeway on board the USS Voyager-A on a grand mission to locate the original crew members of the USS Protostar. If Star Trek: Prodigy continues to do well on its new platform, there is certainly an opportunity for Netflix to renew for a third season and many more to follow. Check it out on Netflix today.

Source: FlixPatrol