Geena Davis Will Lead Stranger Things’s Creators New Sci-Fi Series

By Henry Hards | Published

With Stranger Things wrapping up its run on Netflix soon, the show’s creators The Duffer Brothers have been planning their next move. Last year, they announced they’re producing a new Netflix show called The Buroughs, and now I can exclusively report that it’ll star Geena Davis and Richard Gere.

Like Stranger Things, The Buroughs will delve into the supernatural. Except this time, instead of following kids, it’ll revolve around the elderly residents of a retirement community. That retirement-age cast will be led by Geena Davis and Richard Gere.

Geena Davis in Stranger Things show
Geena Davis in Ava

The show takes place in a New Mexico retirement community where the residents must fight off an otherworldly threat. The original announcement about the show hints that time travel may be involved, or at least that the subject of time running out will be a key component of the show’s plot.

From the descriptions given, The Buroughs sounds a lot like the 80s movie Cocoon, in which elderly people become involved with aliens. The Duffers haven’t revealed whether their new show is set in the present, or in the past like the 80s focused Stranger Things. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see them turn this into a Cocoon-style 80s homage for old folks, though.

Richard Gere for Duffer Brothers
Richard Gere

At one time, Geena Davis and Richard Gere were two of the biggest stars in the world. Davis is now 68 and Gere is 74. While both have worked on and off in recent years, they’ve seemed mostly content to take it easy. Leading a new show from the people behind what is currently the most popular television series on the planet is a big jump back into the spotlight for them both.

Word of Davis and Gere cast in The Buroughs comes to me from the same proven source that made this site first to break the news that Eiza Gonalez would star in 3 Body Problem for Netflix. Giant Freakin Robot’s editorial policy prohibits me from sharing information given to us through unverified and unproven sources.

Geena Davis comeback
Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island