Star Trek: Voyager Revival Finally Happening?

By Jason Collins | Published

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Following a number of reports suggesting the revival of Star Trek: Voyager and the appearance of numerous Voyager characters in Star Trek: Prodigy, fans are led to believe the show’s revival is imminent. We can’t confirm that as true due to the lack of official confirmations. We can, however, speculate further on whether or not the revival is truly taking place, given the planned cameos in store for Prodigy Season 2.

Voyager’s Doctor Returns In Prodigy Season 2

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Most of these reports stemmed from clip teasers regarding the upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, which featured the return of Robert Picardo as the Doctor and gave us a glimpse of an updated USS Voyager A.

These depictions unleashed an avalanche of speculative reports and unverifiable industry insights regarding the show’s revival, which actually isn’t all that surprising considering that a good chunk of Star Trek: Voyager’s crew has already returned to the Star Trek franchise. This is particularly true when it comes to Prodigy.

Voyager Favorite Show Up In Other Star Trek Shows

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For example, Kate Mulgrew, who portrays the iconic Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, has already made an appearance or voiced the character in Prodigy. Furthermore, she’s joined by Robert Beltran, who portrayed her old first officer, Chakotay. But Prodigy isn’t the only release within the franchise that features iconic appearances from Star Trek: Voyager, which only adds more fuel to an already raging rumor mill. Rober Duncan McNeill reprised an animated version of Tom Paris, and Jeri Ryan and Tim Russ made live-action reprisals of their Voyager roles.

Still No Confirmation Of A Voyager Revival

With all of that said, there’s still no official confirmation regarding Star Trek: Voyager’s revival, but that doesn’t stop the fandom and media outlets from speculating. Hopefully, the outcries of the Star Trek-loving public will reach the eardrums of the producers, and our wishes will be granted. Admittedly, half of those already were, considering that Star Trek: Prodigy is widely regarded by the fandom as a spiritual successor of the Voyager series.

More Trek Cameos In Store For Prodigy Season 2

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The Hangman brothers specifically stated that they had no intentions of becoming the Voyager show.” However, it’s really hard not to think of Prodigy as a spiritual successor of Star Trek: Voyager when you have both Janeway and Chakotay appearing in the series, along with the announced appearance of the Doctor.

But the good stuff doesn’t end there. Hangman brothers also announced the appearance of other legacy Star Trek characters, but they haven’t disclosed which ones—apart from the fact that they’re not from Voyager.

Star Trek: Voyager Nearly Three Decades Later

Star Trek Voyager

For those who aren’t acquainted with Star Trek: Voyager, the show follows the adventures of the Starfleet vessel USS Voyager as it attempts to return home to the Alpha Quadrant after being stranded 70,000 lightyears away in the Delta Quadrant—at the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The series is notable for introducing numerous new alien species, including the infamous Borg, which were first introduced in Voyager and set the stage for their appearance in The Next Generation.

Star Trek: Voyager was a massively popular television show that produced numerous media spin-offs, and it’s really no wonder why the fandom is excited at the possibility of its revival. Well, one can only hope.

Source: Cinemablend