Star Trek: Prodigy Producers Want To Save The Show And Finish Season 2

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

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At the 57-Year Mission convention, Star Trek: Prodigy executive producers expressed high hopes that the series will continue and find a new streaming home. In a baffling move, Paramount+ kicked the animated Star Trek series from its platform in June, breaking up the franchise and breaking its promise to host “Every Series. Every Episode,” as its ads had previously touted. Fans have since rallied in support of the series, starting petitions and buying up merch like Blu-rays and action figures from the series to signal their love and support for the show.

Paramount made the baffling decision to cancel Star Trek: Prodigy earlier this year, but the team behind the show is still going forward and finishing Season 2.

As reports, at the Las Vegas con, Star Trek: Prodigy executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman showed a clip from the second season and discussed their plans for the show into and past the third season. Stating they are “99% confident” they will find a new streaming home for the relatively young series, they thanked fans for their support.

Co-executive producer Aaron Waltke was also on the panel and said Secret Hideout and CBS Studios have also been “nothing but supportive,” allowing them to continue making the series. He reported that ten episodes have been completed and ten more will be finished by year’s end, adding that they look “phenomenal.”

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Star Trek: Prodigy

The Star Trek: Prodigy team also teased the events of Season 2, saying that the setup provided by the finale of Season 1 will see follow-through. As Gwyn pursues an ambassadorship on Solum, Admiral Janeway and the rest of the crew set out to investigate a wormhole, which Dan Hageman says “may be more than just investigating.” Kevin Hageman added that while the series’s first season was about a group of kids who “steal the ship,” its next season is about how they “earn a ship.”

Star Trek: Prodigy executive producer Aaron Waltke hints that Season 2, includes ” a very prominent space station.”

The main characters of Star Trek: Prodigy are now, he says, in the “adult world” aboard the Voyager and are starting at the bottom of the ranks, not yet even being full ensigns. Comparing the feeling of Season 1 somewhat to The Goonies, Hageman says they’re going to be seeking that sense of adventure in this new context.

Waltke also noted how connected their series is to the rest of Star Trek, calling it part of an “amazing grand tapestry” and promising that fans will begin seeing those connections develop further in the upcoming season through “familiar faces” and “legacy characters.

At another panel, Waltke also noted that Star Trek: Prodigy is going to be exploring some “key events” that have been hinted at in other Trek shows and films and that they will be “connecting those dots while creating new ones.” He even made mention of some “very prominent space stations” the series might be visiting in the future, possibly a heavy hint for fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Kevin Hageman also addressed the focus on Janeway and Chakotay in Season 1 of Star Trek: Prodigy, saying that their story will be brought to completion. He also recounted that one scene between the characters had their voice director “in tears” as he read lines with Kate Mulgrew for her recording session. Fans of those characters will surely be looking forward to a greater resolution to their story.

There is even a GoFundMe set up to scrawl the words “Save Star Trek: Prodigy” above the offices of potential new streamers like Amazon and Netflix.

While the removal of Star Trek: Prodigy from Paramount+ was seen by many as a cancellation, especially as Disney+ and others are pulling streaming content, production has continued as the series has sought a new home. “I want the show picked up,” Kevin Hageman said, adding that “Star Trek needs an epic animated film series” for families to see with “a new adventure every couple of years.” But the future of the series, the producers emphasized, will be propelled by the fans.

The Star Trek: Prodigy execs encouraged those who love the series to continue promoting it on social media, engaging in cosplay, buying DVDs and merch, signing and circulating the Save Star Trek Prodigy petition, and more. There is even a GoFundMe set up to scrawl the words “Save Star Trek: Prodigy” above the offices of potential new streamers like Amazon and Netflix—a move the producers have embraced.

Ultimately, as fan support continues to surge, Waltke and the Hageman brothers are hopeful and confident that their series will continue to carry Star Trek forward for a new generation of fans.

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