How I Met Your Mother Star Returning To Spin-Off?

Josh Radnor is reprising his role of Ted Mosby in season 2 of his hit show's spin-off, How I Met Your Father.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

As part of Hulu’s continued effort to scour popular movies and tv shows of the past in search of new content to attract a larger audience, the streaming service created a spin-off to the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. That spin-off, How I Met Your Father, premiered in January 2022 starring Hillary Duff alongside absolutely none of the original show’s main cast, and so far, the main connection to the original series has been the show’s framing device and narrative style. However, according to Newsweek, Josh Radnor might show up in season two, reprising his role as How I Met Your Mother main character Ted Mosby.

Since How I Met Your Mother‘s final season in 2014, Josh Radnor has shown up in several other shows, including Mercy StreetRise, and HuntersHowever, none of these roles turned out to be as iconic as that of Ted Mosby. Currently, it’s unclear how exactly Ted will appear in the next season, whether it’ll be a walk-on cameo or a speaking part remains to be seen. 

While we’ve known from the beginning that How I Met Your Father takes place in the same universe as the original show, but the only evidence of this within the show are small callbacks. The characters Jesse and Sid appear to be living in the same apartment that Ted Mosby and Marshall Eriksen lived in during the first show. The fictional Goliath National Bank is also mentioned in the show, and an as-yet unexplained scene featuring The Captain and Becky takes place at the beginning of episode 9 — with Sophie explaining that it will (somehow) be relevant later.

how i met your mother
The main cast of How I Met Your Mother

The original show followed Ted Mosby as, though a series of flashbacks, he explained to his kids how he met their mother (in an overly-detailed way that spanned nine seasons). The show frequently derived humor out of Ted being an unreliable narrator who is clearly exaggerating, misremembering details, or sanitizing the story for the sake of his kids, for example throughout his tales about Barney, Robin, Marshall and Lily, he has frequently spoken about people eating sandwiches when they are clearly doing marijuana. He has also described impossible situations such as someone jumping from a third-story window without being harmed, or an adult video accidentally falling out of a suitcase and into a VCR while he was trying to throw it away like any upstanding man would.

While How I Met Your Father doesn’t always try to replicate the original series’ humor, there is a time when Sophie replicates Ted Mosby’s role as an unreliable narrator. When a friend hails a taxi cab, and none comes, the friend tells Sophie to claim that one showed up immediately when retelling the story — prompting a Taxi to show up immediately.

Season 2 of How I Met Your Father will return to Hulu on January 24 of this year. While we don’t know when or how Ted Mosby will appear, fans of the original show should be sure to keep an eye out for Josh Radnor’s return.