Spider-Man 4 Merging With Sony’s Venomverse

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Early talk about Spider-Man 4 is already starting, with an indication that the new film in the series will be a crossover event that will merge the Tom Holland Spider-Man with Sony’s Venom films. So far, the Venomverse has been noticeably lacking in any appearance of Spider-Man but, according to Forbes, that might be about to change. A recent article quotes often-reputable source DanielRPK, who is providing scuttlebutt that the fourth film in the franchise will finally bridge the gap between the two disparate but related universes.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Reigns Supreme

Spider-Man 4 is not on the current slate of MCU films and would represent new territory for the wall-crawler in movies. So far, Spider-Man has headlined three different film series, none of which has gone past a third installment. While Spider-Man has appeared in other MCU films, the Tom Holland version of the character has so far had three of his own movies, and a fourth would continue his reign not only as the live-action Spider-Man with the most screen time, but also as the one with the most films focused primarily on his character.

Sony, Disney, And Marvel

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Spider-Man 4 will represent another step forward in the somewhat confusing relationship between Sony, Disney, Marvel, and Spider-Man. Since Tom Hardy’s Venom made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home by means of a post-credits scene, the connection between the Marvel Spider-verse and the Sony Venomverse has already been hinted at. But, according to this latest information, Venom will make his way into the next Spider-Man installment to a more significant degree, possibly in some sort of Multiverse situation.

Venom 3 Could Set Up Spider-Man 4

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Spider-Man 4 will probably arrive after the upcoming Venom 3, which means there could be some elements of that film that will explain how these worlds will meet. Further speculation sees the potential for other Spider-Man villains, such as Morbius, Carnage, and Kraven making their way into the MCU. This leaves the door open for crossovers with other spider characters, such as Madame Web, who could bring with her three other Spider-Femmes.

Will Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Be Back?

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In that sense, Spider-Man 4 could simply continue the craziness that is Spider-Man’s apparent pension for universe hopping, including the highly successful animated films Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Of course, we’ve also seen previous spider guys Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire make appearances in the current series of Spider-Man films. A fourth film in the series also connects to the advanced word that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will have a prominent place in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What To Expect In Spider-Man 4

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How Venom will make his appearance in Spider-Man 4 is still unknown, as is what role the character might play in the MCU going forward, given the proposed prominence of Spider-Man. It all seems a little bit awkward given the major tonal shift between the current series of Spider-Man films and the Venom movies, which have generally been regarded as rather goofy and not taken quite as seriously. But the merging of the two characters’ universes seems to be definitely on the table, so we will be curious to see what happens next.

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