Spawn Reboot Replacing Comic Book Action With Horror?

By Zack Zagranis | Published


If you’re familiar with Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, then you already know it’s just as much a horror comic as it is the usual superhero fare. In fact, with its main character being a rotting flesh-covered spawn of hell sent to Earth to help reap souls for the devil, Spawn can barely be called a superhero at all. Apparently, Blumhouse agrees because the way they’ve been describing the upcoming Spawn reboot makes it sound closer to Halloween than Iron Man.

Jason Blum Promises The Spawn Reboot Will Get The Blumhouse Horror Treatment


According to, Jason Blum himself has been bragging recently about giving the Spawn reboot “the Blumhouse edge.” Given that Blumhouse is the studio responsible for the Insidious franchise, as well as Sinister and the recent David Gordon Green Halloween trilogy, those aren’t words to be taken lightly.

“It’s gonna definitely feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie,” Blum said, again banking on his studio’s reputation being widespread enough that just the name “Blumhouse” is enough to describe a movie’s vibe.

The Spawn Creator Wants A Dark Movie That’s Not Geared For Kids

Michael Jai White Spawn

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been teasing that the Spawn reboot would be geared towards adults for years. Earlier this year, he told, “If you ask me, I’d make it ugly, dark, make children cry” a sentiment that echoes those of Jason Blum. McFarlane went on to admit, however, that the movie probably wouldn’t be quite as dark as he would want thanks to the studio’s need to make a profit.

“They’re going to want to do it in a way that they can then get their money back.” said McFarlane. The Toddfather—as McFarlane is affectionately known in comic circles—was originally set to write and direct the Spawn reboot himself, but that plan has officially gone the way of the dodo. McFarlane described the situation as a bunch of “A-list” talent coming aboard the project, causing the budget to grow and leading Blumhouse to choose a more experienced director instead.

Jamie Foxx Will Star In The Spawn Reboot

jamie foxx

That A-list talent includes Jamie Foxx, who has been cast to play Al Simmons, the former black ops mercenary who dies and comes back to life as an undead hellspawn with unmeasurable power. Spawn was originally adapted for the big screen in 1997 with Michael Jai White in the title role. The movie received mixed reviews and failed to make enough money to generate a sequel—something Blumhouse is no doubt hoping to change with the Spawn reboot.

Spawn Was First Adapted Into An Animated Series In 1992


Spawn started life as the flagship character of publishing upstart Image Comics when the company was founded in 1992. The Spawn comic book was so popular that it didn’t take long for the character to be adapted to other media. The same year that he appeared on the big screen, Spawn also made his small screen debut in the HBO original animated series Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. Hollywood veteran Keith David voiced Spawn in the 1997 adult cartoon.

Fans had the opposite reaction to the TV iteration of Spawn than they did to the theatrical version. The series was universally praised for both its art style and its adult approach to the subject matter—an approach it now seems Blumhouse is emulating for the Spawn reboot.

Spawn Fans Are Excited For The Spawn Reboot’s Horror Treatment

McFarlane has described the Spawn reboot as a cross between a traditional horror movie and The Boys. If that description is anywhere near accurate, fans are going to absolutely devour this movie when it finally comes out.