See Sofia Vergara Having Fun With Blue Hair In Her New Bikini Photo

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara is very active on her social media pages, especially by posting images of her beautiful self on her Instagram page. The actress recently posted a pic of herself with blue hair. The hair is likely based on a filter that was provided on Instagram, but she looks great in blue. She especially looks fantastic in the pic due to her also wearing a pink bikini in the photo as well. You can see her new blue hair look below:

Sofia Vergara is currently 49 years old, but she looks as fantastic as ever. One comment on the above post speaks on not being able to identify her current pics apart from her throwback pics. That is certainly true as the actress looks as amazing as she did when she was 20 years younger. Vergara currently has 24.9 million followers on her Instagram, and the above pic has gone viral with 979,000 likes and over 7,500 comments. Most are of heart emojis or people exclaiming how beautiful she looks. That is most definitely true. A lot of the actress’s other posted images and videos are of her appearing on America’s Got Talent alongside Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. She also has a few of her alongside her celebrity husband, Joe Manganiello, at the Oscars. What a lucky man he is.

While Sofia Vergara is currently busy being a judge on America’s Got Talent, she is also currently filming one of her biggest roles. Vergara is set to take on the role of Griselda Blanco, who was a drug queen pin in the 1980s during the cocaine era in Miami. Griselda’s story was made popular by the Netflix documentary, Cocaine Cowboys. Now her story is being retold in a dramatic and biopic fashion. While Sofia is surely one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she looks completely unrecognizable in Griselda. The mini-series has also been picked up by Netflix. While filming is ongoing, the series will likely be released sometime later this year. That is the hope, but it could take some time as well and not release until early 2023. This is Vergara’s first role since she voiced Zaina in the animated feature, Koati. Her husband also lent his voice to a blue tiger by the name of Balum.

While we all patiently wait to see Sofia Vergara transform herself completely in the series, Griselda, we can all collectively appreciate her many postings on her Instagram page. The actress is stunning, and the comparisons of how she looks now compared to her modeling days are certainly warranted. She is gorgeous beyond all measure. From her humble beginnings in commercials, she has carved out quite a career for herself throughout the past two decades. Ever since her breakout role in Modern Family, she has been given plenty of more opportunities to showcase her acting talents. Depending on how she does in Griselda, we could see a lot more starring roles for the long-time model and actress. For now, we can swoon every time she posts a pic on her social media pages.