The Sexy Horror Movie On Netflix That Was Almost A Documentary

By Steven Nelson | Published


Delving into the shadowy world of online identity, Cam made waves on Netflix in 2018 as a psychological horror thriller that fuses modern technology’s allure with the age-old dangers of doppelgangers and obsession. 

Directed by Daniel Goldhaber, with a script by former webcam model Isa Mazzei, the movie taps into the eerie facets of the digital age, offering a chilling look at how easily our online personas can be ripped from our control.

For those seeking a heart-pounding ride that also pushes them to reflect on the implications of life in a digitized world, Cam beckons with its siren call. Dive into a tale where the line between reality and the virtual realm blurs with every click.

The script for cam was written by former webcam model Isa Mazzei

Set in the competitive world of cam girls, Cam introduces us to Alice, known online as “Lola.” Portrayed by Madeline Brewer, Alice is an ambitious cam girl seeking to break into the top ranks on her streaming platform, FreeGirlsLive. 

Every day, she stages creative shows, some intense and others downright bizarre, to climb the leaderboard, pushing the boundaries of her performances to attract more viewers and tips.

However, her relentless pursuit to rank higher takes a nightmarish turn when she unexpectedly finds herself locked out of her account. That’s puzzling enough, but the real shock comes when she realizes “Lola” is still online, streaming away. 

Only, it isn’t Alice behind Lola’s sessions anymore. A mysterious doppelganger, identical in appearance and mirroring her previous shows perfectly, has taken over her channel.

Desperate to reclaim her identity, Alice dives deep into the underworld of the camming industry. She encounters other models, shady figures, and obsessive fans as she tries to uncover the truth behind her digital twin.


Throughout her journey, Cam intelligently weaves themes of identity theft, the personal cost of online fame, and the dangers of exposing oneself in the vast, anonymous terrain of the internet.

Supporting Alice’s story is an array of characters, including her mother, Lynne (Melora Walters), and younger brother, Jordan (Devin Druid). There’s also Tinker (Patch Darragh), an obsessed fan who might know more than he lets on. Together, these characters enhance the layered narrative of Cam, reflecting different facets of Alice’s life as it spirals out of control.

Cam Started As An Idea For A Documentary

The intriguing narrative of Cam finds its origins not in the realm of fiction, but from real-life experiences. Before it was a psychological thriller, the idea for the film emerged from the actual experiences of its screenwriter, Isa Mazzei.

Mazzei herself was a former cam girl and initially considered making a documentary about the world of online camming based on her personal experiences. The realm of camming, with its blurred lines between the digital and the real, personal and public, seemed ripe for exploration.


The industry’s nuances, combined with its vast audience yet marginal mainstream understanding, made it a subject of potential intrigue for viewers.

However, as Mazzei collaborated with director Daniel Goldhaber (a close friend from college), the duo felt that a fictional narrative could dive deeper into the emotional and psychological experiences of a cam girl, particularly the dissociation and identity challenges one might face. 

By shifting gears from a documentary to a thriller, they hoped to capture a broader audience and convey the complexities and perils of the camming world more viscerally. This decision gave birth to Cam, a movie that, while fictional, carries the genuine imprint of Mazzei’s lived experiences, adding an extra layer of authenticity to its story.

Mazzei herself was a former cam girl and initially considered making a documentary about the world of online camming

Cam is more than just a standard psychological thriller; it’s a riveting exploration of identity, digital duality, and the lengths one might go to reclaim a stolen life in the age of the internet. While some might brush it off as another suspenseful flick on Netflix, the film is a testament to the very real challenges and threats that individuals face in the online world.

Drawing inspiration from real-life experiences, it serves as a cautionary tale, reminding viewers of the fragile balance between our digital personas and our real selves.  If you’re in the mood for a film that seamlessly blends suspense with societal reflection, then diving into the world of Cam on Netflix might just be the thrilling experience you’re seeking.