See Chris Evans As Spider-Man, Now That We Know He’s Playing Him

By Apeksha Bagchi | 2 months ago

Chris Evans Spider-Man

There is no superhero- Marvel or DC- that Chris Evans can’t play. Over the years, even as he made the character of Captain America irreplaceable, fans imagined him in the form of other superheroes as well. But even though the actor has bid farewell to the star-spangled MCU character, we recently were first to break the news that he is making a comeback as Spider-Man from a different universe in Marvel’s upcoming animated series What If…? on Disney+. Now you no longer have to wonder how he may look like in the Spider-suit as many of his fans had already brought their visions to life a long time ago. 

If you sit down to search, you will find many who have tried to fit Chris Evans into Spidey’s suit, but there are only a few who have managed to nail the right look. And so, to save you the trouble of searching and to give an early kick-start to your daydreams about Chris Evans as Spider-man, here are two illustrations of the actor as the beloved MCU superhero. 

This first illustration comes from the famous graphic artist, BossLogic, and suits up Chris Evans in the latest iteration of the Spider-Man suit that was last seen in Spider-Man: Far Away From Home. Even though, given Steve Rogers’ timeline, the best suit would have been the one that Tobey Maguire wore in the Sam Raimi films, we have no complaints because Evans looks perfect as the web-slinger.

The next illustration pitches Chris Evans in his suit, slinging through the sky, followed by Falcon and Iron Man. This one was posted just days after the actor’s interview in 2020 where he shared that he would have loved to play Spider-Man, a character he considered a hero in his childhood. As the Instagrammer correctly guessed back then, this was possibly Chris Evans subtle wink to the fact that he is all set to play the role in the upcoming Marvel animated series. 

As per our report, Chris Evans will be playing a Spider-Man from a different universe and timeline. Our sources also confirmed that there exists every possibility that this animated role could lead to a live-action Spider-Man role for Chris Evans in the MCU in future. Given the multiverse route the Marvel cinematic universe is headed for with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the appearance of Evans as Spidey from Earth 999 or something won’t be far-fetched at all!

So, don’t be surprised if he turns up in Spider-Man: No Way From Home alongside Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men. Or, he could appear in Doctor Strange 2 as well and might even aid Doctor Strange in reigning in the multiverse chaos kicking off in the third Spider-Man film. This would also open doors for Chris Evans’ already reported return as an evil Captain America from an alternate universe or in fact, he can be anyone and it would make total sense. The wait for the multiverse just became more unbearable.