This X-Wing Fighter Is Made From The Pages Of An Actual Star Wars Novel

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Books are great, Star Wars is great, and when the two come together…well, you can guess where this is going…it’s great. Usually an intersection between these two wonderful institutions manifests itself in one of many novels that expand the Star Wars universe beyond the films, TV shows, and holiday specials. However, you can also use one—or in this case, three—of these Star Wars books to make three-dimensional art. If you have destroy a book, at least you’ll have something pretty to look at.


A fan commissioned this sculpture of an X-Wing Fighter from artist Jodi. He even sent her the book—a trio of Star Wars novels collected in a single volume—from which it is made. The body of the ship is crafted out of a cardboard center, with pages from the book layering the outside. Once finished, the craft is mounted—to look like it is flying over the open book—on five wires through the wings, main fuselage, and laser cannons.

This is definitely a cool, one-of-a-kind bit of Star Wars memorabilia. And if you have to shred a book, usually a grave offense in my world, this one of the few legitimate uses you can come up with.


Jodi also has this sweet depiction of the Millenium Falcon, rendered in the same, book-ruining fashion. The piece is smaller than the X-Wing, but the impressive level of detail, and strategy, are the same.

Here’s the funny thing. Scroll down to the comments on her DeviantArt page, and you learn a fun little fact: she’s never seen a single Star Wars movie.