Watch This Trailer For The Doctor Who Christmas Special

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Well, it’s November, which, according to just about every retail outlet in the known universe, means it’s Christmas season. Everyone has their own traditions that range from extensive family gatherings all the way down to somber solo evenings at the local dive bar. One of our favorite ways to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, however, is with the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special, and the BBC just released a new trailer for this year’s installment.

While most holiday specials tend to be bright and festive, this is taking the exact opposite route, going dark and somber. In fact, this resembles the set up for a few horror-themed sci-fi movies (or you could probably say sci-fi-themed horror movies if you prefer) that we’re rather fond of. There’s a serious Alien vibe going on here in the tone, color, and overall appearance. Not to mention that creepy close up of a monster’s mouth opening. Set in a blistering blizzard as it is, you can’t help but thing of John Carpenter’s The Thing. And both of those are just fine with us.

Doctor WhoBut those aren’t the only nods to some of the best movies around. When Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord asks, “Who you gonna call?” you’re gut instinct is obviously to yell, Ghostbusters. In this case, however, that would be wrong (although I bet you could still get away with it). The action takes place at the North Pole, so in this situation, the one you call is obviously Santa Claus, and they may have cast the absolute perfect person to play Old Saint Nick: Nick Frost. I didn’t even think of it before, but even his name is perfect, too.

We knew that the Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End star, most known for his collaborations with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, was going to appear in this year’s Doctor Who special, but now we know he’s Santa Claus. We still don’t know exactly what role he’ll play in the action, but it certainly appears that he’s going to help the Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) take down that nasty, slimy, whatever the hell that monster is. And that should be fun.

Doctor WhoWith reports circulating that she may leave the show, people wondered if Coleman was going to appear in this year’s special. While she doesn’t show up in this short look at the episode, she is supposedly going to be around. We’ll have to wait and see in what capacity, and if she is planning to leave, maybe this won’t be the merriest Christmas the Doctor has ever had.